yahoo mail ?

JoAnn_FlaJuly 2, 2013

Has anyone noticed they put up a new bar at the top? I don't like all these things how can I get rid of it? I guess its a tool bar I have plenty already.

Yahoo has been a pain the last few days, it was not letting me delete items. Have you had any problems? My avast is going nuts every time I go there its popping up.

I've had yahoo for about 14 yrs with not much trouble.

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Awhile ago, Yahoo forced us all to go to the "new" version.
It sucks. I have nothing but problems with it.
Is that new bar at the top of just your email page?
or is it always there? You might have downloaded the
Yahoo toolbar accidently. Go to your control panel, all programs
and uninstall it there.

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I think I see the toolbar you mean, but I don't find it that annoying. I am annoyed that Yahoo no longer "remembers" my password for me.

Honestly, it's as if these companies just make changes for the sake of making changes. Nothing is really any better, just different.

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When I'm on the train at night going home, I email my husband (who also has a Yahoo account), to say I'm on the train. Lately the emails do not want to go through. I get his emails right away, though.

I sent him 4 emails last night; he only got them this morning.

I don't know if it's a Yahoo problem, a Verizon problem, or an iPhone problem.

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Wait! do you mean there is a toolbar on everything or just on yahoo mail? If you mean everything, below is how to remove their toolbar from your internet provider? I've linked how below.

I love Yahoo mail. I hate their new format. It did have a hiccup at first wit the new format, and things didn't go through, but that changed. Through nothing I did or didn't do?

Here is a link that might be useful: remove yahoo toolbar

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

major problem if your Avast is popping up warnings, that means you have some things that are triggering it, please pay very close attention to exactly what the warning says, if you don't understand it please come back and post it here. When it pops up warnings there's a reason and it's doing it's job trying to protect you from threats.
If that is happening often I would highly recommend running an updated Malwarebytes scan. If you don't have malwarebytes please let me know I will help you out.

Hearing that you have unwanted toolbars is a concern because often they come along with malware infections.

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Without more info, there's no telling if OP's "toolbar" reference is browser related or something in the Y mail page content. There are parts of the "new" mail page that look like toolbars. If Avast is acting up, try a different product - there are many alternatives (including in the free space) that are more highly rated than Avast.

I use Y mail and have found it to be performing erratically over the past few weeks. Erratic in many ways including delayed mail delivery, inability to connect or getting disconnected in mid-session, etc.,

Rule #1 about using any kind of technology is if something doesn't seem to work, try something else. Don't do the same thing again unless you want to experience the same result again.

Cheerful, if you find your husband isn't getting your emails, why not send an SMS message instead?

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Its all taken care of, I had to take it into the shop.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Good joann just remember anytime your AV program starts to pop up warnings there is a reason, it is doing it's JOB so you don't want to get rid of it for doing what it is supposed to DO!
Let me know how it is when you get it back.

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Sometimes when an AV program signals warnings, the problem can be corrupted files or other little gremlins that aren't a threat. It's like a fire alarm, the fact that it sounds off doesn't necessarily mean there's a fire. Alarms can be triggered by something else or nothing at all. It shouldn't be ignored but neither should it be taken as a certainty of the presence of malware.

Many people experience misperforming AV programs, and when that happens it can be a good opportunity to try something else. If there's a problem present, the second opinion is of value.

I wanted to share my view because I too have been having Yahoo problems on several different, uninfected PCs.

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