katlanJuly 5, 2012

I clicked on the wot link provided by Raven, thank you again Raven. This is a great tool. Took me a couple minutes to realize the rating shows in the left-hand side of the address bar. Anyhow, I checked the mybargainbuddy site again, it def got a red circle.

I clicked on the explanation and there were 10 comments total. One was negative, the other 9 were positive. Not sure how this site got the rating they did, the majority said they had been using this site for a long time and have always been pleased. Hmmmmmm. I better go back and read to see how the ratings are done and if there's any explanation given for them.

Anyhow, thanks for the link, glad I have another layer of protection. I appreciate it!

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I use WOT and 99% of the time I back out of the site. I am not sure how it works, but from reading the good and bad it seems like anyone could write a bad review and cause the red warning. I sent my Sis a new game I bought at the store and she said it was infected with a virus. Well it wasn't, I put it on my PC. It was just the stupid game manager. Someone like that could write a bad review. If I wanted something there I would go in, but don't know if I would make a large purchase.

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The opposite can be true as well. Spammers, virus-makers can write rave reviews about an infected site. That is the downside to WOT IMO, even though I use it, and don't go to a site that they caution not to. Unless of course, I know it's good. Sometimes they caution opening a Canadian magazine site, unnecessarily.

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I think someone posted one of the GW sites showed up as untrusted one time.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

many times it is not the actual site that is bad but one of the ads that was on the site that was bad many ads are corrupt and carry infections, if it is detected on a site then it has to red line that site as a warning.

Yes it has many times happened that the owners and friends of bad sites will all gang up on wot and give rave reviews trying to get rid of the red warning.
I personally always write why I give a site a specific rating not everyone does so just because you do not see anything written does not mean those that are there were the only ones. More people do not leave a reason why than those that do unfortunately.

Those of us in the security forums always try to red wot any site we know of that has any type of security issues, especially drive by infections which are often in an ad and could be there today and gone tomorrow.
but if it was there that does not speak real highly of the website construction and code and their scrutiny of what is going on their site.

all things to keep in mind. When I am on my windows machines if I get a red wot I do not enter period.

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Here's another view.
Sounds fishy.
Seems that ratings are rigged.

Here is a link that might be useful: WOT a scam

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Well, that certainly puts another light on WOT....one does not know what to believe in this area. I've been trusting it implicitly for ages.

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When I first saw the "rave reviews" by some about WOT it struck me how similar it seemed to these online voting where you go vote for my baby! and make that ugly kid win the beautiful baby contest.

I installed it a while back to see what the hoopla was all about but I've never really used it. I think it's essentially a feelgood item at best. I think I have enough common sense to make up my mind on sites but I know there are some who think it's the end-all-be-all.

I strongly believe in a layered approach to security and protection on a computer and not putting all the eggs in one basket. I do a layered protection on my home and on my person so why wouldn't I do it with my computer? To trust a website to tell me my computer is safe? Well, I'll see what you say and include other protections. Do you put an alarm system on your home recommended by someone online and then leave the windows and doors open? It's about the same thing.

Sorry to break the news folks but one or two things won't keep you safe on the internet. And nothing will replace common sense.

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