I finally posted a picture :)

missy_may_gwJuly 25, 2012

Posted a picture on I'll show you mine post. As I told some of you a while back I have dial up. So it took forever to post. I don't know how often I will have the time to do that.

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It was worth the trouble, Missy!


nola anne

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Yes, it was gorgeous!

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It is such a pretty photo that it deserves a direct link!


Here is a link that might be useful: Missy-May's flower photo + others

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Nice picture!

I was able to post a few pictures when I was on dial-up. They key was reducing the file size before uploading.

I use the Windows Power Toy for resizing pictures. You don't have to open any special program to do it- just right click on the picture and resize. It renames it also, so your original isn't changed.

I was able to download that powertoy easily on dialup also - or you could go to a library and download it onto a memory key.

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Thanks for the compliments and advice. :)

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