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jasdipJuly 24, 2012

Well, this has been the summer from hell, far as I'm concerned.

Normally, in my area, southwestern Ontario, we get 7 or 8 days of heat where the temperature is over 30C. And they don't usually last more than a couple of days in a row.

So far we've had 21 days, broken heat records, where it lasts a week or 2 in a row. And with our heat, it's always humid. We don't have "dry heat".

And no rain. I feel so bad for the animals and birds, and of course the farmers! How about people on wells? They have to notice that the water is low, and be careful.

I only hope that August gets cooler, normal temps.

I can only imagine, but then probably not, what our food costs are going to be.

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I feel your pain Jasdip! Here in MN, we have been running temperatures 90 or above with high humidity throughout the end of June and all of July so far. The only thing different is that we are one of the few areas of the country not in drought: in fact, it is pouring rain right now. The rain just increases the humidity, however. This is a totally miserable summer and I cannot wait for fall/winter!

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I hate this weather. It's too hot, too humid and too dry.

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I'm in Long Island NY. We've been too hot and not enough rain. I've been watering my vegetable garden nearly every day. I planted 3 lilac bushes this spring. One looks steressed. So I've been putting a dripping hose on it 2-3 hours a day. Hubby and I mostly stay indoors in the air conditioning.

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Yes, it has been a hot and dry season this year. Our weather is about like yours Jasdip. We did get some more rain over night and more probably sometime today. We have a very large garden and have tried to water it as much as we can and for the most part things are doing pretty well. Thankfully we have a deep well. Being hot out has not stopped us from going about and doing our work here. We may not get as much done but we try :)

Sue in Central Indiana

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Our water rates are very high, so no one waters their lawn. Mine is crisp, except where the sprinkler over passes the flower beds....there it is thick and needs a good mowing right now! Yes, hot days in Minnesota are a real stinker.

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Ditto here. This is truly the summer from hell. It's way over 90 now and very humid. For way over a month, every day but two have been over 90 and two over 100. Dry with an occasional shower which always misses us. I can't wait till it's over: there's only five weeks to get thru.

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My sister saw a baby deer collapse in her field and die last week. The poor birds can't even get a worm out of the ground here in southern and central Illinois.

Many of our farmers don't remember it ever being this bad.

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Our summer is about the same as,hazy and humid. We have reached 103 only twice though and that is more than enough for me. It is a little cooler here today following a brief shower. For that I am thankful. :) Our grass is beginning to dry out some, but the flowers are doing well.

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About a week from now, I expect to ne on the north shore of Lake Ontario (just east of Toronto) doing some genealogical research. (I'm the driver ferrying the person doing a search.) I hope to get a break from the heat. My friend discovered that one her ancestors came from Whitby, Ontario to New York state in the 1800s. She has traced that one from New York to Salt Lake, Utah and thense to Grand Junction, Colorado. He's the one who dug the first irrigation canal to Fruita and helped to establish fruit growing in that region. (In those days, the big river was called Grand and later its name was changed to Colorado.) Now, my friend is tracing back the other direction hoping to find his origin.

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