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jasdipJuly 2, 2013

You guys had a common thread (sex) but not the right answer ;-)

Most people do this, on average, 16 times a day.....the number drops if you have children....10% think they do it too much..
A: swearing

Motor Trend magazine asked drivers what their number one annoyance is? 1st...was being stuck behind a slow driver. 2nd...inattentive drivers who text or talk on their cells. What do you think was 3rd?

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Passengers who tell you how to drive

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Drivers who speed up and prevent you from changing lanes
People who "cut you off"
Drivers who put dogs in the back of pickup trucks in town
Reckless motorcycle and bicycle folk

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People who don't use directionals when they're going to make a turn.

I think #1 would be people who drive in the left hand lane at a leisurely pace.

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People who pass you just to make a right hand turn.
Drivers who honk their horn.
Inadequate signage for roads.

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Up and down minute they do 60 and the next they are doing 40

people who ride their brakes

people who drive with their turn signal going

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My pet peeve is bike riders who don't stay in their designated bike lane.

Back seat drivers
Not using turn signals

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People who sit a green light or stop sign because they are not paying attention.. (Hate having to beep at them).

People who just stop in front of you to let passengers out of the vehicle or are picking up people.

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