Frog says Nephew is driving him nuts with questians

lazypupJuly 25, 2012

Kids will drive you nuts

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Newton did not pass that law, but its going to take some talking to explain the difference between the discovery of a physical phenomonem and writing a legal law. I'm glad my kids did not ask me that one!

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That's a really good question! I didn't know that Nephew was in school...I just assumed he was being pond-schooled by Frog.

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Is that a camera hanging around frog's neck?

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Not only does he have his camera, but he's wearing his press pass! It jumped (LOL) out at me; I still have mine from my AF photojournalist days.

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Here is a better shot of Frog with his camera & press card.

That little camera is a real, all metal, 16mm SLR that was made back in the 60's. Those cameras took suprisingly good photos but we can no longer get film for them.

Originally those cameras came with a leather carrying case, but that has been lost to time.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Well, I think that you should thank your lucky stars that you can't get film for the camera! I shudder to think of the kind of trouble frog would get into, what with the social media and all.

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I look forward to you pictures so much. Fortunately you have chosen general, everyday life. I read no hint of politics yet.

However I wonder if froggy will be watching the Olympics. He is so limber he may be inspired .

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Believe me, the lack of film for that little camera is no deterant to Frog. Since I have been giving him photography lessons he is fully adept at using both my Pentax DSLR's and he has experimented with all 28 lenses and the Bellows.

Here is a photo of Frog using the DSLR to shoot an extreme closeup of a bee on a flower;

And here is a pic of Frog sitting on our little wagon shooting photos of cars on the street-

And here is a photo of a young couple on a motorcycle that Frog shot.

Frog says he won't use social media because once you get your name mixed in that mess no one will respect your work as a serious photographer.

Now in regards to politics....Don't even get him started on that mess. Frog is very boisterous about politics but I explained to him that the ppl on this board may have differing views and we must respect everyones right to have an opinion so we won't post political stuff which might start arguments or cause hard feelings with our friends.

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I love Frog's signature on his photo!

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