Agreeing with Glenda...

Momof6July 13, 2013

Tried the corn cooked in the corn on the cob I have ever crispy...thanks Glenda for sharing ...Mary

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I like it that way too been doing that for a while. We also love it roasted in the husks in the oven or pit, I think that is my favorite way. I always keep all the husks on the corn I buy. I see people who are shucking it in the store making a huge mess and think what they are missing. I don't remember the last time I boiled corn.

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Corn has not been tasty here yet. But I am wondering Glenda and raven, if this would help in flavor for corn that is bland? Or, you have to have really good corn anyway?

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I think you need good corn to begin with. Earlier this year I bought some and it was just so very disappointing. I should have waited for our local corn to be ready.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I'm not glenda or raven, but I'll suggest an answer. The fresher the corn, the better it will be. There are sugar enhanced hybrids today that maintain their sweetness for several days after picking.

I also know for a fact that many....probably most.....overcook their sweet corn. My mother sure did! And I've learned to never have high hopes when eating corn on the cob outside of my own home.

Bring a large pot half filled with water to a full, rolling boil. Put your room temperature ears (as many as six) in and cover. Be prepared to turn down the heat, if necessary. Boil for 2-3 minutes TOPS and remove to drain. Serve immediately. The corn should be very crispy and crunchy and taste fresh picked from a sunny garden.

The microwave method can't make old corn, which has lost its moisture and sugar, taste delicious. Nothing can. The good news is that storage methods have improved vastly over the years. You'd be amazed at what happens to sweet corn from the field to your grocery these days. Select plump ears with very fat kernels. At home, you can push a thumbnail into a kernel and it will 'pop' instead of collapse, if fresh.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Edited to remove duplicate.

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Regarding bland/tasteless corn, it helps to remove the husk immediately before cooking (not referring to the microwave method being discussed). It irks me to see people shucking corn in the store; don't they know that corn starts to lose its flavor when shucked?

My dad used to grow corn in his garden. When Mom had the pot of water boiling, he'd go pick the corn and they'd husk it together and plop it in the water. I know that the majority of us no longer have the ability to pick it right before cooking, but at least we can leave the husk on until then.

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and, let's not even get into the GMO's.......

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Thanks Rhizo.

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Agreeing with suzieque -- My mother used to say you should wait until the water boils, then pick the corn and RUN to put it into the boiling water. Cook for 60 seconds. READY for butter and salt!

I was also told to never refrigerate the corn before cooking it -- something about the sugar turning to starch?

*Everything* is good here after a temperate summer with alternate days of rain. I've only watered my flowerpots by hand a few times. Now we are 'in for it' with high temps and high humidity starting tomorrow afternoon. They predict heat indexes of 105F for three days.

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This is the way I've been doing it for years UNTIL the 4 minute micro method. Both are crunchy and that's the way my family and I like it.

My boiled corn, we like it crunchy
Fill a large stockpot halfway with unsalted water and bring to a rolling boil.
Add corn on the cob (husk and cornsilk removed) to the boiling water.
Let water return to a full boil.
Cover pot and immediately turn off heat.
Let covered pot sit undisturbed on the burner for 10 to 15 minutes.
Remove corn and serve hot with your choice of butter, margarine, salt, and/or other seasoning

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I don't like the way the cooked corn husks smell, it makes me gag. And that smell stays on the corn if it is cooked in the husk (micro, grill, oven, whatever).

Dry husks (as in, tamales) don't bother me if they are yellow. If they are even slightly green when dried? Gag city.


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My son loved fresh corn scraped off the cob and eats it that way.

I love fried corn/creamed corn cooked in the cast iron skillet.

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One of the characters, I think it was Colonel Potter, on the old M.A.S.H programme once said how he was going to fix fresh corn once he returned to the States...

He said he wanted to take a big pot of water into the cornfield, build a fire under it and bring the water to a boil. Once it was boiling he was going to bend the stalks of corn over until the ears were in the water. Five minutes later he was going to be eating fresh corn.

That man was hungry for fresh corn!

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Not too impressed with the five ears in a tray, half shucked. And overpriced.

Something in common with "half pregnant", it seems to me.

o j

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I tried Glenda's microwave method with 2 ears from the Farmers Market. It didn't work great for me. Handling the hot ears burned my fingers , and a lot of the silk had to be picked off. I prefer shucking the ear completely, then boiling. Just my 2 cents.

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This is one I did and it came out with no silk, and I did hold the top with a heating pad.

Didn't need to add a thing to eat it, just plain, no buter or salt.

This is why the KT is so great! Such a diversified group with varying opinions and tastes.

Some like, some don't, some agree, some disagree :o)

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