1960's CorningWare

msmarionJune 21, 2010

Did I read here that CorningWare was unsafe to use?

My 89 yo neighbor is moving to be closer to family and is offering me her set of Corning. I would love to have it but if it's not safe...I'll pass on it.

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I use mine all the time. My daughters, too. Never had a bit of trouble with ours..

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It's funny you should post since I've been doing a search for vintage Corningware recently. The old Corningware is perfectly safe. They did have some issues with some of the patterns on the Corelle dishes at one time. A few of the designs were found to have lead in them as did many dishes from that era.

The casseroles are made of pyroceram and are no longer manufactured. They have similar looking pieces but they are much lighter in weight and don't hold the heat as well. The old French White line was pyroceram also and could be used on the stove top just like the old casseroles could. The new French White is plain old glazed stoneware produced in China for the most part.

Any problems with the old pyroceram were due to environmental byproducts of the manufacturing process I've heard. No health hazards to the end user.

Accept that goldmine you're being offered with pleasure. I'd certainly be happy to take it.

New Pyrexware (the clear stuff) for some reason has a problem with spontaneously breaking in an explosive manner. It was a not unknown occurrence with the older Pyrex but back then it would usually do to sudden heat changes. They just don't make things like they used to.

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The only Corning recall I am aware of is the coffee pot. Corningware coffee pots are not allowed to be sold on eBay and eBay will pull the ads.


Here is a link that might be useful: Corning Recall

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I've continued to use the plain white corningware pots and pans that came with my first smoothtop cooktop (around 1980?). These have perfectly smooth bottoms. Made in USA AFAIK. (I've never used the separate handles that came with some pots.)

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Corningware is fine. Accept it if you like it. I don't use mine very much since it can be difficult to clean. The big pan I often used for lasagna was so miserable to clean I finally gave up and threw it away after the last batch. I do use them in the microwave for things like veggies or something that doesn't stick too much but for a casserole or the like, no way.

Not all of the Corning coffee pots were recalled so I don't understand ebay's paranoia. 400,000 out of 18.5 million. I wonder if they use the same logic on all products that have ever had a recall of a small portion of manufacture.

A friend had a Corning electric coffee pot. Great pot actually. AFAIK they're still using it at the cabin. I like percolators anyway.

Pyrex is well known for shattering from shock occasionally. Don't ever set a hot Pyrex item on a wet towel or some water. And I had one break setting it in the oven. But I think that's more fluke than commonplace. I've also had Corningware crack. But that wouldn't prevent me from using it.

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I love CorningWare and Corelle. The CorningWare pans clean up easily with a Magic Eraser.

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I still have my Corning ware casseroles.....but they do have to be washed with Bartender's Friend to get clean.

Corelle is another matter....I won't eat off it.
It develops fine scratches with use, and those iron spots on the edges are rust that develops in the cracks. The grey that can build up on them is from aluminum or stainless steel items that transfer in a dishwasher to the Corelle.

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Thank you all for the the responses. I guess when I go over this afternoon to finish packing up her kitchen I will box the Corning Ware up for me. I've been packing her home up for over a month. I'll be glad when moving day comes. I will miss her though.

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I still use my French White Corningware from the 80's. I have the oval casseroles and lids. They are a bugger to clean up from scalloped potatoes, but I still use them, for that and baked ziti etc.

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I love my old corningware. They don't make it like that anymoe. The old ones were stovetop and oven safe. The newer ones called Corning Ware (with a space) are not safe for stovetop. I took my mother's corningware when she died and have some from when I first got married in 1980.

Even though I have a bunch, I'd take it if anyone offered some to me. It's good for any kind of cooking. I've never had any trouble cleaing it either. If stuff gets stuck on, I just let it soak. But mostly if you just spray it with Pam or the like, you'll be fine.

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I use Bon Ami on the corning cookware -- and on my cooktop. (The Bon Ami label still has the newly hatched chick and the quote, "Hasn't scratched yet!" I wonder if any city folk understand that.)

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I have both the Corelle and Corningware. I seldom use my Corningware and have had it for years. I use Corelle everyday and don't have problems with rust or the marks Monica says she has. I have used mine probably for 30 years and the Corningware for longer than that.


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take the old Corning ware! I have a few pieces my Mom gave me when I moved out and got my own apartment in 1974. Unfortunately, many pices broke over the years. I am left with only two small containers. I own some of her old Pyrex, too. Years ago there were problems with "Fiests" dinnerware. I think it had to do with lead in the paint.

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The only time I got rust marks on my Corningware was when coating on the tines of the older dishwasher racks wore off. A little Bonami took the rust marks right off without scratching. I have several sets of Corelle. I love the way they take up so much less space both in the cupboard and the dishwasher. I've noticed a lot of local diner type restaurants using Corelle also. One place uses the oval serving platters as the main plates for the meals they serve.

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