Need a new photo printer? A great rebate from Canon.....

alisandeJune 17, 2012

After buying myself a couple of modest Mother's Day gifts last month, I bought myself a Father's Day gift today. I call it a Father's Day gift because my dad would definitely approve of me getting a new photo printer.

I've had my eye on this one for some time, but the price was out of my range. When I saw that Canon was offering a $200 rebate this month, I decided now was the time. This printer has truly stellar reviews--451 of them on B&H Photo's website alone.

Now that I've taken the plunge, I have to figure out where to put it. It's huge. The first step is to (gasp!) clean off my desk. :-)

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Toni S

Congrats on the new printer, your dad would love your pics. It's true, this is a big printer. Plan for lots of space.

I have this printer, came with my camera. The only con that I have experienced is getting ink that was not from Cannon and getting lavander pictures. We went through the cleaning, twice, it only helped for a while. Still haven't resolved this problem entirely. Seems there is a clog somewhere and I'm a chicken when it comes to soaking cartriges. I plan on replacing all the ink with Cannon cartridges very soon, so I can print a back log of pictures.

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Toni, what kind of camera did you get? Must have been pretty sophisticated for Canon to throw in a $500 printer!

Re Canon ink, someone said the following in a review:

Ink Usuage - Good on ink, Not really an ink guzzler. I printed dozens and dozens of 4x6's and even a bunch of 8x11's and 13x19s and the ink kept going and going, until I finaly started running low (after many prints had been printed). Also I now use The Continuous Ink System , so ink is now dirt cheap. Costs something link [...] per cartridge (estimated - all I know is I pay [...] for and 8 pack of about 880 ml's of ink which is over 80 cartridges (no joke, visit fleabay and youll see tons of them)...Save money and Dont buy Canon Ink Carts and you will save at least 50% right off the bat).

I've never heard of Continuous Ink System, but will look it up.

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Toni S

It was a Cannon EOS T2i kit and printer package. I paid for the printer outright and they gave me a rebate and the rest on a credit card giving me a behemoth printer that really isn't as scary as I thought it would be. I haven't tried making the biggest pictures yet but I am really looking forward to it one day! Got to get the ink situation under control before I take that dive.

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