Do You Like Fried Potatoes and How do You Like Them

marilyn_sueJune 13, 2009

Do you like fried potatoes and how do you like them fixed? I like mine most ways, precooked and then fried or fried raw. I like them with onions or with an egg scrambled in them. I like them with ketchup and I like them with mustard. I think they are a good comfort food at least for me. So do you like them?


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Thinly sliced, chopped onions or sliced, salt and lots of pepper. Slow cooked in cast iron skillet fried crispy in bacon grease. That's the way my MIL taught me.

Served with bacon baked eggs and grilled pork chops. Yumsters

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I like to fry some bacon, add cooled baked potatoes, cut up into chunks, and sliced onions. Fry 'em all up until the potatoes are crusty and the onions are soft.

MMmmmm...recipe from daddy.

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Sounds good to me Glenda!

Can you tell I am hungry but won't go down and get something to eat this time of night!


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I love fried potatoes but when I try to fry them they stick to the pan. What am I doing wrong?

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Same here bigbaby..I have used a cast iron skillet, some kind of coated skillet, an aluminum fry pan; you name it and I have tried it with same results...potatoes stick to the pan..I know I am doing something wrong, but I don't know what.

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I usually use my electric skillet and have no problems. It does not have a non stick coating. It is made by Revere. I don't know the answer to the sticking. Could it be your oil or whatever you use isn't hot enough when you put the potatoes in? Maybe Glenda knows the answer. You all are making me so hungry. I think I will have to go to bed to get over this!


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I don't know the answer, but remember my MIL told me to toss them with salt in the bowl after slicing before adding to the skillet. Maybe!

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Put potatoes in cold oil, turn up the heat and brown on one side then turn only once. Make sure you are frying in deep oil. Works for me.

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"Slow cooked in cast iron skillet fried crispy in bacon grease."

That's my very favorite way of cooking them. But I like them deep fried like potato chips too. And with or without onion, and maybe a bit of fresh parsley, and maybe not. LOL I just love fried potatos that are crunchy and browned and yet soft and tender in the middle.

Yumster is right !!

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Any way at all...yummy.

I don't think there's ANY style of potato I don't like to eat.....gotta be my favorite food....

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Cut in cubes and fried in bacon drippings with onions.My mother told me that my granddad fed me fried potatoes and onions when I was 4 days old! Smushed them between his fingers and let me suck them off.It's a wonder I didn't choke!
Maybe that's why I like them so much.LOL

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Cut into small cubes and fried 'til some of it's browned and crusty.
No onion.
Just salt and lots of black pepper!
Do you all also cover your skillet until the potatoes are nearly done, and stir often?

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It's so funny you asked this today. I like them sliced and fried with onion, but nobody else in the house likes onions, so I have to do without. Anyway, I peeled and sliced some potatoes to fry tonight. Then I started cooking them, but I had to go to the store. I asked DH to turn them regularly. I was gone a little long, and I came back and smelled burnt potato right away. They were also mushed, like mashed potatoes. I asked him why he didn't turn the stove down when they started to burn, and he said "you didn't give those instructions"! He is a really smart man, but NOT in the kitchen!

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I like them peeled,cut and fried in bacon grease. I also add pepper and garlic salt. I don't like mine crispy..just barely done!

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I love hash browns with lots of sausage gravy on top, then pepper and Tabasco sauce sprinkled on.

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If there's deep enough oil, or fat of any kind, and hot enough they won't stick but I don't like potatoes too greasy. Putting potatoes in oil then applying heat, ewww, they soak up the grease like a sponge. The Frugal Gourmet always had a chant when he was cooking about how to keep things from sticking: HOT pan + COLD oil = Food won't stick! I've found this to work. I use a lot less grease this way too.

Also I want the grease to temperature before adding the food so it doesn't absorb as much grease. Bacon grease of course is great, otherwise butter. I seldom use oil by itself. Usually add some oil to butter if I want some oil, but butter or bacon fat is the key ingredient. Although I used to use butter flavored shortening for potatoes and liked it a lot.

Bacon and potatoes are, well, they're like potatoes and gravy. Made for each other. Sometimes I like the taters sliced and fried crispy and other times I like to cube them and cook them up. I normally prefer them precooked and will sometimes microwave them before cooking. And I prefer white or Yukon Gold potatoes to reds, except for lefse. If I don't precook, a lot of times I'll soak them in water for a while to get rid of some of the starch, dry them and fry them.

I like onions in taters occasionally but never for breakfast. Don't like onions for breakfast.

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Sliced raw potatoes fried until crispy outside with lots of salt and pepper. Topped with just a little mayonaise. Oh and I really like them the way Carol does too! Kathy

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I never ever in my whole life met a potato that I didn't like and what's not to like about having them fried...Your talking my language...When I make them for dinner, I usually make enough that we will have leftovers for breakfast...It we have mashed for dinner, I make fried pancakes or patties as we always called them...If we have them boiled I take out enough for breakfast before they are done and slice them for breakfast...same if they are baked..have them sliced or chopped and fried for breakfast...Freshly peeled, or out of a Kroger sack...or a freezer bag....yum yum...Did I mention potato salad...

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Ugh, I LOVE fried potatoes. I would really like to have some of those right now.

I used to use a cast iron skillet but I have found I prefer my electric frying pan.

I use Yukon gold potatoes, I like their texture fried better. I cube the potatoes, and place them in a gallon Ziploc bag. I put olive oil or canola oil in the bag and my seasonings (season salt, a little Cajun spice, and a little garlic powder). I seal up the bag and work it all around until they are evenly coated. Then I fry them with onion and red bell pepper until the potatoes are crisp and browned on the outside and soft on the inside. I never have any problem with them sticking. I sometimes put ketchup on them but they are really good just by themselves.
Oh, I always start with them raw and yes I sometimes throw the lid on them until they soften a bit.
I'm hungry!

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I waited all night long. Now can you see this big smile of contentment on my face? I had my fried potato with a scrambled egg, with ketchup on them and four slices of bacon. I fried them in the bacon grease. I microwaved the potato, I was too hungry to wait to peel and fry them raw. I don't think I slept well all night, probably dreaming about these darned fried potatoes! :) I just fried them up in a Tfal small skillet and they didn't stick. Anyone else had their fried potatoes yet?


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I made boiled red pototoes for dinner last night, and made extras for fried pototoes today. Grandma always used boiled reds that she had in the "icebox". To fry them she used her cast iron skillet and lard. Not the healthiest, but they sure were tasty!! Can hardly wait!

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Cynic is right, I meant to say that. That's how you keep the potatoes from sticking.

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My favorite way to eat fried to save the fat from several chickens, and freeze it in the freezer. When I have enough, I render it in a heavy skillet. I chopped up an onion and dice some potatoes and fry them in it. It takes on a taste of fried chicken. I know. I know. Arteries are clogging all over the country, just imagining such a thing, but I don't have high cholesterol, and it is just a little treat for myself once in awhile.

This is a Jewish thing, but I don't remember what it is called.

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I like them best if they are boiled in the microwave until very tender, then fried in oil and butter. I always use to cook a lot for dinner then fry the rest for breakfast. I don't add things like onion, If you do, you can't taste the potatoes.

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Sadly....I love potatoes cooked any way you can. I have also been known to eat raw potato as I am slicing them up for french fries.
I love new potatoes sliced thin and onion cooked together until potatoes are crispy on the outside. That is a yearly tradition with the first potatoes dug from the ground with a pot of pole beans with more new potatoes cooked with them.
I do so love a 'tater!


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I have never been able to fry potatoes either. Soooooo...I am packing my bags and I am off to everyone's house to have some of yours.

Hash browns? Now I can do hash browns. Go figure. I put them on a half sheet pan...then on the grill.

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Mmmmmmmm. Thanks for the tips about keeping them from sticking. I think I'll try it for lunch! I made the mistake(?) of reading this post for the second day in a row, to see if you had any suggestions for me and now I'm sunk. Give me some of them fried taters!!!

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I love fried potatoes too. I think one of the secrets of good fried potatoes is, like cynic said, make sure they are dry when you put them in the hot oil. After draining the water off I put them in a clean dish towel and pat them dry.

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Marilyn C - "It's a Jewish thing"....called schmaltz or rendered chicken fat. In NYC and other large metropolitan areas, they sell schmaltz in a jar. Sure can't find any in SLC, so I have to make my own, just like you do! Sure is good.

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Mama always saved her chicken fat too. LOL...we are Native American not Jewish but she always did that with chicken fat. Mama also used to buy pork fat in a jug from the grocery store when we were all growing up. It was bottled just like peanut oil or corn oil...can't find it now a days!
I also like to render the grease from chicken fat once in a while to use in fried good!


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With onions in a cast iron skillet and some have to be brown and crispy.

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Don't salt them when you first start cooking them.This will also help to keep them from sticking to the pan.Salt brings the moisture out of potatoes (and alot of other things).I wait until they are beginning to get soft before salting them.
I've got to buy some potatoes tomorrow!LOL

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My husband makes the best french fries. He cuts the russet potatoes in rounds....doesn't peel them. Then he cuts them in sticks, so they are about the size and thickness of my little finger. He has a pot of oil, and he dumps them all in at once...which tends to cool the oil a bit, but when the oil reheats and they finish frying, it is like they have been fried twice, which is the real way to make french fries. You fry them, drain them, and then fry them again. They are lightly crunchy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. I used to always cut my french fries length ways, but after seeing how he does it, I changed to his way.
His still taste better than mine.

I am another one who loves an electric skillet. I don't think I have ever fried potatoes in one, but I like frying chicken it better than I do using cast iron. And I have over 100 pieces of cast iron cookware. Or, did have. I have given a lot of it away.

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