Red Hot Itchy Spot on my leg....

pattico_gwJune 1, 2008

I woke up this morning with a huge spot of red on the back side of my knee (on that fatty piece sort of to the inside...well if you have fat

Anyway it is hot and fire red....

I made Denny look at it close to see if there seemed to be a bug bite in the center of it. He says there is not.

He said it looks like a rash.

It does seem to be kind of like a rash that is very close.

It's burning and really itches.

Any clues to what it might be?

I have to babysit the grandkids tomorrow all day so I won't be able to go to the doctor unless it becomes an emergency. I could take the kids with me.

Taylor (grandaughter) had her knee swell up about three times it's normal size last hurt and was red. (don't know if it was as red as this is) My daughter took her in to doctor and she had staff infection in her knee.

They told my daughter that the staff is on everyone's skin and can enter through a scratch.

I'm worried about it being a spider bite.


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I once had a skin infection called Ringworm. It's not a worm or a bug, it's a fungal type infection, usually spread thru re-used bedding. I had just come back from two weeks in Europe, staying in youth hostels. I was young at the time. It requirted anti-fungal cream applied twice a day. Unpleasant but not dangerous. Go to a doctor.

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You should have it checked out, could be a staph infection. Possibly a blood clot, although, the itching makes me think it's not. I would still have it checked out because of where you say it is and that it's red and hot. You really need to have it checked out by a doctor. It could also be cellulitis. We get tons of people in our hospital thinking they had a spider bite, only to find out it was MRSA.

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Yes, I agree, please get it checked out. It could be shingles.

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Sure hope you find out what it is.
Doesn't sound like ringworm to me!

Brown recluse spider?

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I could be cellulitis. I had it (staph in the skin, in my case) and it is VERY painful and red. It can be very dangerous, I spent almost a week in Mass General. It will be red and will feel hot to the touch and will hurt if you press on it. It may hurt even with clothing brushing against it (mine did when it got bad enough). It is nothing to mess with, the one I had was drug resistant and it took quite a bit to knock it out. Mine started as a small red circle and eventually took over an area about 5"x18".

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What Sue said is what hospitalized my dad not long ago. Serious stuff!

Could well be a spider bite, though. Poison ivy? Mosquito bite?

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I know what ring worm is and this is nothing like that.

I'm sure I didn't have it yesterday...but found it this morning. That's what made me think it could be a bite.

and out here in the country there are a lot of spiders.

I worked out in the yard yesterday on my anything could have crawled up my pant leg.

This is right above my elastic stockings. They come up to the bend in the knee and this is just on top.

They are too darn tight for a bug to crawl underneath.

I think my daughter is working just until I may just walk in and tell them what is going on.



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Use some benedryl spray or cortisone on it. Also might take two benedryl or antihistamine at bedtime, one while you are up, to see if it helps. It will help you sleep. If that doesn't help, get to the doctor.

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Patti, I've been wondering today if you found out what's wrong with your leg? Hope it's better.


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I went to doctor...he doesn't know what it is either...

He said, just in case it could be "this" or "that" he wanted me to take some meds and gave me some ointment to put on it. Said if it doesn't go away soon to come back in..


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Glad you had checked!! You just never know!

Did you ever start Byetta?? I went in today and I will be starting it tomorrow. My numbers have been very bad!!! "/

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Sandy my numbers are not very good with it...but they start you out at 5 for a month to see how you take it...then if all is well they up to you 10.

It's not bothering me at all.

I'm anxious to see how the 10 works for me.


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Patti, your DGD had a staph infection and has been staying w/ you? hmmmmmm. Share any linens?

Just FYI a brown recluse probably would not be in your garden/yard and if it was it would leave a crater in the middle of the swelling area. Black widows also prefer darkness. grandaddy long legs can't bite our tough skin, thank God. Any other varmit bite might cause that kind of reaction, but please do watch it and follow-up with the dr.
Take care & heal quickly.

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Most brown recluse bites happen in bed. My old neighborhood was thick with them. One of my neighbors was bitten and hers abscessed. She found it in her bed. She researched them and found that they put their webs in the attic and go in search of food instead of waiting for it be caught in the web. My step son had a friend bitten when laid down on a picnic table in the park. He ended up in an iron lung for awhile.

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