My first of the season and it's good and sweet!

glenda_alJune 24, 2012


Neighbor going out of town gave me one, so it wouldn't go to waste while she is gone.

And it's definitely NOT!

Just cut it in half, cut into cubes and taste as I cut.

I haven't had one this good in a long long time.

Gotta love a sweet cantaloupe!

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I still remember your cantaloupe bread from years ago! My toddlers loved it. Gee the youngest is 13-that must have been quite a while ago.

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This cantaloupe is so big I thought I'd freeze some for the cantaloupe bread, but it's so sweet I just gotta eat it.

Here's my recipe:

It is absolutely super. So moist.
Cantalope Bread
3 eggs, beaten
1 cup vegetable oil
2 cups granulated sugar
3 tsp pure vanilla extract
1 canteloupe (about 2 cups), cut into 2" chunks and pureed ( I pulsed mine, so had some small bits, which I liked, and then had the puree)
3 cups all-purpose flour
1 tsp salt
1 tsp baking soda
3/4 tsp baking powder
2 tsp ground cinnamon
1/2 tsp. ground ginger
1 cup chopped nuts (I prefer walnuts) I DID NOT USE NUTS.
Mix eggs, oil, sugar and vanilla. Add pureed canteloupe to mixture. Sift dry ingredients. Add to liquid. Pour into 2 greased and floured 9x5 loaf pans (I spray them with Baker's Joy). Bake 325* for *****1 hour or until done.
Enjoy! MINE BAKED IN 50 MINUTES. I also let it set on a cooling rack in pan for 10 minutes.
******I had a large cantalope, so half made 2 cups.

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I have never heard of cantaloupe bread...what a great use of it!
Thanks for posting the recipe :)

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Living in the Phoenix area, they give away cantelopes in the summer. I never knew, before we moved here, that the very hot heat made for wonderfully sweet melons. We have a farm down the rode that sells (for 10 cents each) watermellons and cantelopes. I will, for sure, make this bread!! Thanks for the recipe, Glenda.

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