Google's Nexus 7 vs. Kindle Fire.......Raven?

alisandeJune 27, 2012

Now that I've decided I don't want to pay a monthly fee to use a smart phone, I'm thinking about tablets. (Please tell me they don't require a monthly fee too!)

I started thinking about them when I realized this Friday I have to spend three hours having a nuclear stress test, and a tablet would have been fun to bring. Too late for this use, but there will be other uses......

I know several people who love their Kindle Fires, so that's one possibility. Now Google has announced the upcoming release of the Nexus 7, the 8GB model costing the same as the Kindle Fire (also 8GB).

What's the word on the street on these, guys?

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

There are many more great tablets than the 2 you mentioned. I have several tablets all run versions of Android, the preferred version would be the latest which is ice cream sandwich or ics.
You don't need anything else unless you want to get online then you will need to have a wifi networks available to connect to the tablets come with a built in wifi detection and will show you any that are in the area and available.
I personally prefer a tablet that allows you to add a variety of applications and the book readers, if you go with the kindle it limits you to only amazon books and you can not add other readers to it. The version of android on kindle fire is an altered version. On other Android tablets you have the option to add as many reader apps as you want which lets you pick books from many sources plus you can add the kindle app to the tablet and be able to take advantage of all the things you would have available on the kindle so you get much more flexibility and options.

I am using as my main tablet currently the Vizio Vtab 1008 tablet it is available at Costco for $ 189 and it can be less than that.
Other ones I would suggest looking at are the Motorola xoom, the transformer, the acer, the Samsung galaxy, Toshiba thrive, by the way the Google tablet is by Asus same as the transformer.
Do your research online check out reviews and ratings, but look for the latest version of android don't fall for the many old ones that are flooding the market.

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Raven, you're the Tablet Queen......or the Tablet Professor. Take your pick. :-)

Fortunately, I love research and I even love anticipation. I'll do my homework, and look for the latest version of android. Thank you!

PS: I have the basic Kindle, so I'm not too concerned about the book aspect.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I would love to be able to tell you about the new Google nexus but unfortunately it is just coming out so not much is out there. I will admit I do want to get my hands on one. It has an excellent display and resolution for a tablet and the fact it will be running a quad core processor should make it quite speedy. They are using an altered version of android ics they call jelly bean. I would prefer at least an 8 inch instead of 7, but it is extremely thin and light weight.
I hope it will be successful and for the price it should be. I may even be tempted. The new Vizio ten inch tablet will be hitting soon too, so many decisions. Lol

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I'm sorry, don't mean to start any controversy, but I don't know what I would do without my IPad. I know so many hate Apple products but I love my IPad. Really haven't used my computer in several years. I have asked for the new one for my birthday, I have the first edition and my battery is going. I don't use a data plan, just wifi.

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I have a kindle and my son has downloaded books free of charge using


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Look what I just came upon--Hope this helps.


Here is a link that might be useful: Nexus 7 v Kindle Fire

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Terilyn, I certainly don't hate Apple products (what's to hate?). I've used them at work, but I'm not likely to buy any for myself. Apple makes sexy-looking, easy-to-use devices, but they charge megabucks for them. Lack of direct competition has resulted in them being able to charge whatever they like--and they do! The fact that Apple has an intensely loyal fan base reinforces this.

I know a tablet (any tablet, even a top-of-the-line iPad) would not replace my desktop computer. I do a lot of writing (I'm a fast typist, and want a real keyboard), and a lot of photo editing. I love my two 22" monitors attached to a mount. For me, a tablet would represent mostly fun away from home.

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Gini, that was a great find! Thanks very much. It certainly lays it on the line, doesn't it? I'm more than intrigued now. Also curious about the Microsoft Surface. I don't think that's been released yet either. More reading to do!

I was amused by the following paragraph. Since I have friends who are fight fans, I'm familiar with the Pacquiao-Bradley reference. I wonder how many readers didn't get it. :-)

When you delve deeper, you see that for the same price, the Nexus 7 is offering much, much more than the Kindle Fire. This is a no-contest knockout victory for the Nexus 7; it would take the Pacquiao-Bradley judges to award the fight to the Kindle Fire.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I agree good article. And 100% the price point is the issue with apple products, I also prefer products that are not really proprietary and they are. But I frankly can not afford them.

I use my tablets a ton every day but would not give up my desktop. Even with the laptops and netbook, I still use the desktop the most.

There's lots of places to get free ebook, most have epub format, but you can find a few with kindle format. What I prefer is the option and ability to have all the types on one device which makes android a plus because you can do that, with out the need to convert anything.

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I just read that the Microsoft Surface is priced at around $600. Good! One tablet I can cross off my list. :-)

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Here's a link.

Scroll down a bit for a chart comparing the Nexus 7 to five other tablets.

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I did it--I pre-ordered the Nexus 7 this morning. Actually, I tried to do it last night, but my credit card denied the charge because I had just ordered a netbook for someone else, and the two charges were not in my usual spending pattern. So a red flag was raised for the fraud department. I figured out what had happened, but needed to go to bed (had to get up at 4:00 this morning). So I got it straightened out a few minutes ago.

Anyway, I did a lot of reading first, and I'm excited about my purchase. The reviews mentioned features I never even heard of, so I'll have a tablet learning curve for sure.

BTW, Google charges shipping and tax. I think they even charged tax on the shipping--is that possible? I've been spoiled--I'm not used to either!

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Yes many people canceled their order because of how much was added.
Did you get the $25 credit to the google play store?
Which did you get?
I posted some information on the thread at computer help you might take a look. I put links to the new forums set up for it.
Definitely keep us posted!
And congratulations.

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Thanks, Raven! I got the 16GB version. The total came to $278 and change. The additional charges gave me pause, but to cancel the order would be cutting off my nose to spite my face, to use a very old saying.

I assumed I would get the $25 credit, but there's no mention of it on my order confirmation. I emailed Google to ask about it.

I'll check out your computer help thread. My son was just saying that I should check out a forum for Nexus 7 users.

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Raven, I got a response from Google. They said I'll get the $25 credit when I activate my Nexus 7 account.

I read the thread on Computer Help, and know what you mean about waiting for the bugs to be fixed before ordering the first version. I've done this myself many times with operating systems, etc. But just this once I decided to indulge my desire for instant gratification. :-)

I guess Google shipped loads of them to reviewers, because articles abound online. I watched a couple of "out of the box" videos too.

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Too late to help you but the "old" iPad is now $399 and I can't tell the difference . We got the old and daughter got the new the same day a few weeks ago. Target allows you to trade in Apple products to use in purchase of a new one. So we traded in the iPod touch. The iPad is remarkable and fun to take but I too like the desktop. I dislike my laptop..should never have bought it, but the Dell DT has a screen bigger than my kitchen TV.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

for those still interested this is a nice review of the Google nexus 7 covers all aspects

Google Nexus 7 review

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That's funny.......I just sent my son this review from I've been reading reviews to acclimate myself to the unit and its features, but hadn't seen the Techradar review yet. Thanks, Raven! And thanks again for that link that teaches about Android. Very helpful!

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Raven, just out of curiosity, why do you have so many tablets? Are they older versions and you just keep upgrading and no longer use the older one(s), or are they all fairly current and you use them all?

If the latter, why so many? What do you do with them all?

I have a Fire and love it. I also have a laptop at home as my normal computer. I don't have a tablet and as of right now don't know why I'd need one (so can't imagine having several! haha).

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I know you've already ordered a tablet, Susan, but for anyone who's reading this thread later, if the only issue with an iPad is the price, don't necessarily write it off. Check the Apple refurbished store online. They offer iPads with original 1-year warranties direct from Apple. I recently bought an iPad 2, 16 Gig (plenty for me, because I don't use it as storage), with wifi only for $320, which is certainly competitive with good Android tablets.

I have the same issue philosophically as Ravencajun with Apple's proprietary stance re software (and hardware, for that matter), but once I bought an iPhone, I was completely seduced by how well it worked. And the iPad is the same way.

Here is a link that might be useful: iPad refurbished from Apple

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I have currently 4 tablets, one that is strictly an ereader, I got each of us one, very inexpensive. My husband loves it and uses his daily, I really don't use that one anymore but it will be his backup.
I got the first pandigital novel 7 inch tablet which was a great tablet but it is outdated as far as the version of android on it goes, that one I passed down to a family member. I also have a 7 inch Sylvania that was also inexpensive which I used a lot and still do on occasion, that one will not be updated either but is fine for my husband to use to read the kindle books on and play solitaire and check email or Google something which is about the extent of his use.
The one I use daily is my Vizio Vtab 1008 tablet it is still being updated and it will get the latest version of android ics in the near future, Vizio mentioned that recently when showing the new 10 inch tablet they are releasing soon.
I love my tech toys but I don't spend a lot of money on them. The Vizio is the most expensive one and I got it as a refurbished unit for a very good price, luckily it was perfect.
The laptop is a gift I got for my husband, I rarely use it, I do the updates on it. I do have an Acer netbook that I did use quite a bit, and still do when I travel, I prefer the keyboard.

For daily use my desktop is custom made has 2 hard drives one with Linux one with windows. I use Mepis Linux pretty much exclusively for daily use. I do have a couple of other towers but they are backup.

Luckily my husband supports my addict.... Um I mean hobbies lol.
He has been urging me to get the nexus already! I am resisting so far. I guess it is my one vice. It could be worse lol

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I'm certainly no expert, but I think the Kindle Fire is a tablet. Therefore, you have a tablet, Suzieque. :-)

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Yes it is definitely in the tablet category and it also is an android version non standard.

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Thanks for the answer, Raven! Heck - hobbies/addiction/hobbies, haha - whatever.

The Fire wasn't marketed as a tablet and Amazon seems to have resisted it being labeled a tablet. Every time someone refers to it as a tablet on Amazon's forums, lots of people chime in and insist it's not a tablet. But I don't disagree with you, Alisande and Raven.

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I wonder why they take that position.......? Surely there's no shame in being a tablet. I guess they want to market it as a fancy, colorful, extra-talented e-reader.

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Hi...i have a kindle fire and love it...reading, games, apps, web browsing, watching netflix, maybe an android version but it is updated periodically, nice little tablet computer.

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