letter of income proof

goldyJune 20, 2012

Has anyone here ever apply for a letter of income proof from social security?If so how long did it take.?When they say ten days do they mean ten days or do they mean ten working days?Thanks for an answer I need one real soon.they said they were going to fax it over and I'm still waiting.

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Goldy, I have to help my clients get them all the time. It does usually take 10 or more working days to get them. Sometimes more, sometimes less. I have also had them fax it to me. However, the fastest way is to walk right into an SS office and they will print one out for you on the spot. If you have an office near you (and don't get your fax), just go in.

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Jennmokey thankyou.This kitchen table is the best.No matter what problem you have someone has the answerfor it.I can sleep a lot better tonight.Thanks again.

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Two heads'r better'n one ...

... (even if they are cabbage).

And a thousand eyes/ears getting a message provide a good opportunity for useful results to appear ...

... offered by people of good will.

ole joyful

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