Need Help- Diesel Fuel Smell Inside Car

trishawJune 16, 2009

My 17 year old son put a leaky container of diesel fuel for the tractor in the back of our Jeep. To make matters worse, he claimed he "mopped" up the excess, but we discovered later he did not. Now we can not get rid of the smell. We have cut the carpeting out of the back and then scrubbed the metal down with Lemon scented Dawn. I have also sprinkled baking soda on every single seat. The smell is horrid. We are all getting headaches if we are in it for more than 5 minutes. Anyone got any advice? I have searched and only come up with what I already did. Help!!


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No idea here won't it just evaporate like gas eventually?? Keep the windows and doors open as much as you can.....driving with windows down to keep from getting headaches? Stacy

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The smell does not evaporate- I have no idea why. I scrubbed down the entire inside as everything just felt sticky. This is horrid. I can't leave the windows down as it has been raining here like crazy and when DH goes to work he has to lock it up. I am thinking maybe I will drive it and then I can leave the back up as I can park it at the garden center- if I pull the faceplate on the stereo there won't be anything to mess with. DH is really mad-


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Go buy a huge bag of charcoal. Don't get the kind that is self-lighting. Take a hammer to it and break it up a bit. tear open the bag a little and put it in the back of the jeep for about a week. Baking soda doesn't absorb odors, but charcoal does. It works for gasoline, spoilt milk smell and a refrigerator that got turned off with food still in it! It might take a while and a couple of bags of charcoal, but it WILL get rid of the smell.


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Try kitty litter!!

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Hope something here will help!

Here is a link that might be useful: remove diesel smell

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I am copying and pasting from another you think something as simple as Listerine would help???

My husband is a heavy equipment mechanic and his clothes always smelled like diesel no matter what I used to clean them. One day I was reading one of my online newsletters and someone had written in that an insurance adjuster had told her to clean her household items with Listerine after a fire, and the smell would be gone. He said it would remove almost any odor. I tried it on my husband's clothes and it works great. Now I never wash them without it. I was thinking if your spill is a small one, saturating a paper towel or something like it with Listerine and leaving it in the car for a while might help. It's worth a try.

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Diesel is oily. I use De-Solve-It or something like that to get it out. Goo-Gone would be a similar product. Both smell like oranges - very strong smell at first.

You could then wash it down with soapy water.

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This is why I posted here! I knew you girls could help me! I will try the De Solve It and the Listerine. Actually, the Listerine will go into the laundry. We had a bunch of sweatshirts and odd ball work clothes in the back seat- they still smell after 2 normal washes. I was going to just throw them out, but it looks like they may be saved! I knew it was oily, which is why they suggested the Lemon Dawn, cuts grease? It works a bit. I will try this other stuff too. Got the charcoal last night. DH will bring me the car later and I can leave it open until the rain starts.

Thank you all!!!


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Hope one of these will work for you....I know that I hate hate hate putting diesel in our truck as your hands always reek of it...guess cuz it is oily huh? Let us know what worked....Stacy

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