Need advise caring for a homesick dog?

pump_toadJune 14, 2009

I hope someone can give me advise dealing with a very homesick dog. I am familiar with the dog and promised to keep for a week. She is about 7 years old and was left with me this afternoon,So far she is just lying on the floor looking very sad and won't eat or pee. She was always so happy to see me that she would wag her tail and want to cuddle but now her poor little tail has not wagged all afternnon. I think I could deal better with a kid!

Any tips from you pet owners?


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Just let her be. She'll be fine, but right now, she probably thinks "where are my people?" But she'll be fine, believe me.

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yes shell be fine, my dog person did the same when i had to leave for 5 days at a time wouldnt eat or pee either. arent they funny little "people" then we would come home and hed sulk until he couldnt stand being mad at us anymore..thats when the butt wiggling would start with his nose to the floor.. and yep the butt in the air. lol gosh i sure miss him. he was fine but, he knew when i had to leave again, id get the silent doggy treatment and i always left him at his house with my most trusted friend whom he loved. he was a stubborn one.

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too bad they didn't include a blanket or piece of clothing with the owners scent...

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Give the dog something to do-like a long walk or a Nylabone to chew on. Years ago my dog was like that, the only thing my SIL could get her to eat was pizza crust.

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When I dogsit and have had homesick dogs I look for ways to distract them. Not unlike people. Divert their attention. here's something they like to do, play, treats, go for a walk, go for a ride or even just special attention. Maybe comb or brush? If they're good with other animals a trip to a pet food store that allows pets can be a big distraction. Sometimes their own dogfood is a treat to them when you make a big deal out of getting it from a different spot and give it to them. They usually get very comfortable quickly especially when they get a little spoiled. Then when they go home, they can miss me and it's the owners' problem! ;)

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Give her about 2-3 days and she'll start acting a lot more adjusted. My dog would be really sad for about 2-3 days where he'd just be sitting by the window and hardly eating any food. But after a few days, he'd start being himself again.

Hope she feels more cheerful soon. :)

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All the previous advice is great. I occasionally have 3 ("They know me, been here lotsa times before") dogs I watch (got one coming in July for a month) and they all always go through that "mopey" thing for about 2 days. I just love them to death while they're re-adjusting (the Boxer mix moans, which breaks my heart) and then it's,"OK, YOU love me, too, and even though I miss sleeping with my 11 yr. old boy, I can be happy. . . ." Critters. Kids. They eventually adjust.

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Thanks to everyone that posted and hopefully she will ajust in a couple of days. She is a wonderful dog and I hate to see her so sad.

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Do you have access to the dog's owners' home? If so-go get a sweater, sofa pillow or any article of clothing of theirs.Grab any large photo of them in a frame, get his favorite toy & a new 'chew bone' and place all of these things where he's sleeping in your home. I know-the photo sounds crazy but it worked for me when I babysat my DD's dog.

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I used to babysit Muffy, our neighbors little Yorkie. The first night we had her, I noticed she was sitting by the patio door looking toward her house. I went over to pick her up and she was crying!!! I felt terrible. Then she started whimpering along with the tears, so I held her all evening and talked to her and then let her sleep with us. That is the ONLY dog DH would ever allow in our bed.

Next morning, Muffy was just fine. She'd gotten up in the night and played with all her toys, as she did every night at home.

I wish I could've kept that little dog.

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I just took over 1 year old red nose pitt bull (girl dog)she very home sick she eat 1time a day she just lay around when we try touch her she move away I have to kids in house 13 year girl and 6 year old boy my question is will she turn on kids I really thinking about giving her back the kids love her don't know what to do I had her for about 3 weeks should I keep her or give her back. Her owner came see her I tell she was very very happy jumping around now she back look sad I try take out side use bathroom she will not move now what do I do please help

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Glad i found this. I am watching a family members dig. Her and my dog lived together their whole life with 3 others i think. Long story. They ended up all getting new homes. Well anyway. My dogs so happy shes here but all she does is lay by the door sad. I wish i could cheer her up. Dont want her sad all week. She wont even cone over to me or sit with me and duke

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I agree with making an effort to distract her: playing, cuddling, going for a walk/car ride, maybe visit a neighbour's (good natured) dog.

Get her thinking about something else, if even for a little while.

ole joyful

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Interesting story about watching a neighbors dog. The dog has a certain routine and eats certain food. Yet, the owner did not want to bother me and the dog did not want to eat. As it turns out, he like his food mixed with real chicken. He was also very upset and did not want to sleep in his doggy bed that she brought over. My husband realized that he wanted to sleep wit us, so we let him!
Talked to my neighbor and we got a good laugh out of how her dog tried to tell me how he wanted to be treated. I told her it would have been easier if she had told me all of this when she dropped him off. None of it was a big deal.
I agree with what the others have said. Stay kind and do not get frustrated. Offer lots of teats.

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Aaliyah, I would suggest taking the dog on leash for long walks. Sometimes the exercise and maybe seeing a squirrel or two cheers a dog up. As for her turning on your kids, has she given any indication that she might bite? Growling, baring teeth, etc.? If so, I would tell her owner you cannot dog-sit with her. If not, maybe the kids just need to give her some space while she adjusts and learns she can trust you.
Best of luck!

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