Don't Ever Get Old

chisueJune 28, 2012

That's the title of the mystery I just finished. Daniel Friedman is the author. I liked it -- and I learned a few new Yiddish words. lol

I don't think there has ever been an older sleuth than this retired police detective. He's 87, and he was also a WWII POW. It's a good plot with wry humor, along with realistic musings about age.

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Thanks for the recommendation. I put it on my list.

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Thanks, It sounds good - I just downloaded a "free Sample" of it on my Kindle.

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I hope you'll like it. It's a 'first book', and like many first efforts, the writing/editing could be better. I was so interested in the main character's 'take' on life that I still enjoyed it.

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Maybe if some of you experienced readers sent a message to the authour offering a few suggestions of editorial improvements ...

... you might get taken on as an editor-via-email ...

... and just think of the advantages - you could set your own workplace ... hours of work (within reason).

ole joyfuelled

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Hah! If I could write well, I'd do it myself! (I would have suggested less grisly murders.)

Funny how you can pick up a book and know within a page if the author 'has it'.

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I love your idea, ole joyful!

I have been doing that for free for all my family and friends for years and I love doing it!

Anyone needing my 'services' (free) email me, really!

nola anne

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