Sister Wives~ finale tonight

JoAnn_FlaJune 24, 2012

Will you be watching? It begins at 9 pm then it repeats if you missed it.

I will miss watching it next week.

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I have to admit that of all the "reality" shows this and dancing with the stars have kept my attention to a degree. Guess I should add "the voice" also as I did watch it for the most part last year.
Getting back to the sister wives....I do find it fascinating how they have maintained this relationship all of this time and I DO admire the wives for what they say/give for the most part. I still don't quite understand it all....but I do admire them to a degree. I hope I am awake long enough to watch tonight....I normally only catch these shows on re-runs. Thanks for the heads up for the finally....I hope my head will be up to watch it!! LOL

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Yes, I've kept up with this series. I don't understand their thinking, and I don't agree with it, but I can't condemn it either. They seem to be law-abiding, and serious about their lifestyle. The women don't hesitate to let their feelings and opinions be known.

What I don't understand is where they get their incomes from. Each wife seems to have her own, and there is mention of businesses. I think Robyn gets some child support, but I'm not sure about that, and it has been mentioned (not by them) that they get some kind of welfare, such as food stamps, etc. They each wrote a check for the property, BUT Cody didn't write a check! H'mmm.

I hope we will see/hear more about them next season.


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It's interesting how the real sister wives scenario is coming out in interviews and in the book. Watching the program you think that they don't have too much conflict but the interviews indicate otherwise......They were all kind of hostile in the interview that I watched last night.

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I had no idea they had all these problems until they told about it in the book. I was kinda dissapointed, I thought they got along so good. It had to be very hard for all of them. I am thinking they get money from doing the show, that has to pay a pretty penny. Kody is suppose to work also, maybe the wives pay for housing and he pays all the rest. ???
I'm sure gonna miss seeing it each week. I also miss "The Little Couple" I hope Jenn & Bill get that baby.

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Since Kody is *legally* married only to Meri, then my guess is that he might have his name on her checking account, so in that sense he "contributed" to the buying of @ least that one house.

I thought there was a bit of hostility displayed in the interview also. But realistically I can't imagine *any* 4 women getting along all lovey-dovey all the time. That's wayyyy to much estrogen for that to happen.

I wonder about all this on-going drama over trying to find 4 houses (or lots) side by side. I understand the need & desire for it. But we're talking Las Vegas..... one of the highest foreclosure rates in the country. It's hard to imagine that this has played out for so long.

One thing that I get impatient with is women crying on TV .... and they are trying to sop up their tears with their fingers & not mess up their make-up. GET A TISSUE! These 4 all did the requisite boo-hooing,,, it's part of the shtick ... & not a one had a freakin' TISSUE!!! /rant

I kinda like the characters. They all seem like good & genuine people. I cannot imagine sharing a husband, tho'. ~~shudder~~

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Cody cries more than the wives do!

I think Cody is a jerk for saying what he did about Christine. That had to hurt to the core, but I was glad the other wives let him know it wasn't ok to do that. Out of the 4 relationships, I think Cody and Christine's is the most unstable.

It's interesting to see the dynamics and needs of each relationship. There isn't one "marriage" that is well rounded.

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