William & Kate's baby Queen's third g-grandchild?

chisueJune 18, 2013

In all the kerfuffle about William and Kate's expected baby, I wondered about Princess Anne's two granddaughters.

Can someone more versed in this 'royal' thing explain how Peter' Philips' daughters are 'in the line of succession', but have no titles?

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Because Princess Anne turned down the offer of a title for her children from the Queen.

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I found a quick reference in Wikipedia.

Peter Phillips was born at 10:46 am on 15 November 1977 at St Mary's Hospital, Paddington in west London.[1] He was the first child of Mark Phillips and Princess Anne, who had married in 1973.[1] His parents were said to have refused offers from the Queen that would have led to his being born in the peerage. Phillips was therefore the first legitimate grandchild of a monarch to be born without a title or courtesy style for more than 500 years.[1] Before him the last grandchildren born without any title or style were the children of Cecily of York, the daughter of Edward IV. At birth he was fifth in line to the Throne, and remained so until Prince William's birth in 1982.

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I read that too, but it seems curious that Princess Anne would refuse titles for her children. Is there a 'backstory'?

Why is Anne 13th in line of succession while her *younger* brothers are 'farther up the line', just behind Prince Charles' sons?

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Well the reasoning isn't at this site... but here's the current list.. This one gives part of the relationship reasoning
and matches pretty much this official

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Here's a slightly different explanation. It's from a Blog so I can't guarantee it's accuracy. I linked the full Blog below.

.............. " Under the rules that regulate the use of the Princely title and the style of Royal Highness only the children of the sovereign and the children of sons of the sovereign can be styled as Prince or Princess. Children of the sovereignâÂÂs daughters " like almost everyone else in the realm "take their style from their father. Given that Mark Phillips is untitled, his children were always destined to be so as well. Princess Anne therefore, had to request nothing..................."

Here is a link that might be useful: titles

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maire_cate -- Ah, now THAT makes sense. Thanks!

So...Andrew's and Edward's girls ARE 'princesses', but their children would only have titles if they marry someone with a title -- any old title, British or not, or is it impossible?

I think I'll retire to my dower house now...LOL

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