Tropical Storm Debbie

lisa_flaJune 24, 2012

Rainy and wet here in Amelia Island FL. Weather people don't know quite what to make of its track.

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Fierce looking waves!

Read where it's gonna be a real rainmaker.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Yes we are watching it closely since one model has it headed for Houston and parts of Louisiana. With the amount of rain it could drop it is really worrisome.

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Glad to get all the rain here in Weeki wachee, Florida as we needed it. Just hope it doesn't turn into hurricane.

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I'm in NW Florida (Panama City), and we have had about 8" of rain and winds about 25+ mph today. It knocked dead limbs from my trees and knocked over a bunch of potted Plumerias. My patio umbrella took off and landed across the yard, but SO FAR, I haven't heard of anyone being hurt.

I just drove 6 blocks to look at the waves and they are about 6-8' right now - the surfers are having a blast! A bit south of us, the waves are breaking over the dunes and getting into peoples' garages - not good. Reports are that this tempo could keep up through Wednesday.

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We have had at least 4" of rain today and probably 2-3" yesterday. Under a tornado warning now but its barely raining at the moment. Our pool is full and I had to empty some of the water out of my 10 fish tank that has tadpoles in it. Supposed to rain tomorrow too. I have retives traveling home today from Tallahassee and friends flying home from Md. Hope everyone makes it home safely.

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Record amounts of rain in some areas today. Tornados off the coast In Pinellas County and one in Winter Haven this evening. Still under tornado watch till 5am and 90% chance of rain tomorrow - Debby is stationary and they don't know whcih way she will move, although looks like Jacksonville area may get it.

I'm thinking we probably had at least 7" total today with the rain we had tonight. Pool has overflowed some but not in house or porch area. Fish tank is full again - poor things may end up in the pool!

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Almost 12" of rain here in NW Hillsborough County. Time to build an ark!

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Wow, I had no idea that it was so bad down there. My son lives in Fernandina Beach and hasn;t said a word to me.


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Rained throughout the night. Still under tornado warning till 2pm today. Woke up this morning to heavy, heavy rain, now its steady but not bad. Some areas had 13+ inches yesterday and they still do not know where the actual storm is headed. They are saying it could be Thursday before it is out of here.

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14.43 inches as of this morning!

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It's raining again, my yard looks like a lake.

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I talked to my daughter last night. She lives in Holiday, FL & said it was very bad there. All the streets were flooded & neighbors were out in canoes. When I talked to her early this morning she said the sun was out but now it looks like they might be having rain again. Here in mid TN we are in a drought, wish she could send us some rain.

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The report is that Pinellas County (St. Pete/Clearwater area) got the worst of it. Talked to my sister in Indian Rocks Beach this morning and they saw that tornado--as they headed for the bathroom. She said her DH kept having to empty the rain gauge and they got 19".

Here in Ocala they are reporting we had 2-1/4". Seems like it should've been more than that since it rained the whole freakin' night and day!

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Patti - you should get more as the are prediciting it to cross over Gainesville on Wed. We had one downpour this evening but its just misty now. They say we (Lakeland) are still to have high winds and rain for the next two afternoons. The poor butterflies would come out each time it stopped raining today to nectar and 10 minutes later, they were getting wet again.

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Debby is in the gulf right now and is supposed to trek back east to the Atlantic, right through Marion County FL. Right where Patti43 and I live. Your right Patti, I think we had 4-5 inches of rain here!

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