What's for dinner Friday?

patti43June 28, 2013

Harry had an eye appointment this afternoon in Gainesville so we stopped at my favorite Horse and Hounds restaurant for a late lunch/early dinner. I had a huge hamburger but cut it in half, cole slaw and a big dill pickle slice. The hamburger tasted like it had been cooked over a charcoal fire--just delicious. Harry had spinach quasadillas. Now he has 1/2 a hamburger, cole slaw and 1/2 a pickle for dinner when he gets hungry. I am just plain stuffed!

What are you having for dinner this lovely summer evening?

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

oven roasted potatoes and onion, and sausage and cheese omelets. I really need to go grocery shopping!

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Raven, it sounds wonderful. You're very creative with your menus and they always sound delicious!

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Patti, did you enjoy you day yesterday, how do your nails look?
You asked me about my diet, I should say don't ask. I am one of the worse eater there is. I don't eat veggies, salads, fish, cheese, drink milk, eggs & lots of other things. I have never been a balanced eater.
For dinner it was ziti bake.
Are you all packed for your vacation?

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I had pork/kraut and mashed potatoes. Still have dishes to do so better go get them done.


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I made a quick frittata with asparagus and smoked salmon.

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Mary, I don't think I could live without vegetables. I'm so grateful I married a man who loves them, too. Of course, we really need to eat some more this week!! My nails look great. Thanks for asking. I will go back for a pedi but I can do my fingernails okay--at least I can reach THEM! Packing won't happen until Sunday or Monday, but I need to get the clothes ready which means I have to get out that dratted iron.

Shirley, was your sister surprised to see you last evening? Bet she was happy! I'm not a sauerkraut fan so sometimes I make colcannon. It's an Irish dish that you mix sauteed shredded cabbage and mashed potatoes. That's really good with pork, too. You are expecting sunny but cooler weather next week, aren't you? I figure I'll just be one state away, so I'm hoping!!

Gosh, Fun2BHere, I would just love to have a slce of your frittata. Delish!

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Wanted fish, and Golden Corral has the best country style fish filets. So I indulged mainly on the fish, and had a small piece of their chocolate pie.

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Patti: I'm not holding out much hope for our weather next wk either, sorry. But with you being in Indiana, maybe it will be better there.
Annie was happy to see me. But even when she's not, if she just wants to doze off or watch TVLand, I just sit beside her.

It's okay that you don't like sauerkraut, that leaves just that much more for me in this world. I'll eat your share.


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Glenda, we'll probably hit GC at some point on the trip. I'll have to remember the fish, but we'd be better off with broiled or poached. I've lost 8 lbs. since March--not a lot--but I'm back in the 110's rather than the 120's. Wish you hadn't mentioned chocolate pie. Now, I'd just love to have a piece!

Aw, c'mon, Shirley. I'm hoping for some weather in the low to mid 80's. Your sister sounds like Harry at times he's been in the hospital. I drive 50 miles and he lays there and reads or watches TV. Oh--you are more than welcome to my share of kraut, please enjoy :-)

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well after almost getting washed away at sam's club, we headed for arbys...was going to have that chicken salad (a fave of mine) but ended getting a warm sandwich instead...

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It's way too hot to cook today. We haven't had dinner yet, but if we get hungry late tonight, there is green salad and cold chicken in the fridge.

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1/2 a Gryo and a couple chunks of lamb from a lamb skewer. Hubby devoured the rest. He has never liked lamb, but devours the grilled lamb skewer from this new little Greek place I found.

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Susan, have you ever tried the pecan cranberry chicken salad from Sam's. It looks a little pricey but the container serves about 6 people. I just love that stuff.

Alice, cold chicken and salad sound perfect on a hot summer day. I think I like leftover cold chicken almost better than hot.

Angelaid, I'm the same way. I don't care for lamb, but I love it cooked Greek-style. Harry's been hungry for an gyro but the last time we stopped for one in Gainesville they were closed for the day. Wouldn't you know? I haven't found a good Greek restaurant here yet.

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I'm at a family reunion in the Smokey Mountains, which is somewhat centrally located between Virginia, Ohio, and Missouri where the various family members are coming from.

Friday was the night I made dinner for the group. I made Roasted Pork Tenderloins with a cuban spice rub, broccoli/cauliflower au gratin, and a mix of roasted yukon potatoes, sweet potatoes, and plantains. Followed by a dessert of key lime bars. I also made a apricot/onion/madiera sauce to go with the pork, but must has forgot to bring it from home.

The meal was a big hit.

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Bob, what a fun place for a reunion. Are you renting cabins? If so, are they close together? How many people? I'd love to hear more. We've talked about having our reunions in the Smokey's but we've never delved into it that much. It sounds like a wonderful time. No wonder your family loved the meal. Geez, you even brought dessert. Bet you're the favorite son/brother/uncle this week :-) Assuming you're a "he" of course.

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We actually stayed at condos a few miles outside the park. We had 13 people in a three bedroom unit and a two bedroom unit. The condos were supposed to be adjacent, but there was a mix-up and they were two floors apart.

My brother had timeshare points that he had to use by the end of June, and he used them to "pay" for both condos for everyone. So comparing one tasty meal with 4 nights free lodging I think he wins the favorite son/brother/uncle award.

The park itself was fun (although crowded) but the area outside the park is the capital of kitsch, with endless billboards, shops, restaurants and "attractions", including a scale model titanic, and a Hatfield/McCoy-themed dinner theater.

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