What's for dinner Thursday?

patti43June 21, 2012

The tile guy came out to measure for our new floor. I'm getting excited about this. It will be so much easier to take care of.

I mopped the kitchen and Florida room floors and cleaned the cabinet fronts and the outside of the appliances. I do not have any idea how two people can get things as dirty as we seem to.

Tonight we're having tuna casserole with bread and butter and sliced mango for dessert. Harry's coumadin levels were high so we need to lay off a little on the green stuff. The casserole has peas, but we didn't have greens yesterday. His dietary needs/don't get a little confusing at times :-)

What are you having for dinner?

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My annual trip to The Diplomat for their yummy grilled reuben. Leave off the dressing, just mayo and mustard, please!

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I think I will do a pizza.

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barbecued hamburgers with avocado salsa that I just made.

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I'll have lunch with you, Glenda. But I'll just have a plain old corned beef. ;-)

I thought about pizza, Raven. But tuna casserole is so much easier!!

OOOOOOOOOh baby! Does that avocado salsa sound good on a hamburger!! With gooey, melty cheese and buns warmed on the grill. Enjoy--I know you will!

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I took the night off and had leftovers, plus a slice of brown bread w/honey.


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Fully Cooked Ready In Minutes Red Curry Chicken With Jasmine Rice, 12 oz from Safeway. Always like to keep a few ready maade entries on hand, usually from Trader Joe's or Safeway.

As a side, parsley-buttered carrots from scratch. & Beer.

Also made my first Baklava, using my neighbor's recipe, for dessert. Clearly not up to speed, but should taste OK.

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DH ate pork ribs and a side of pasta. Our DD had given me a frozen pan of macaroni and cheese with lobster and I had that.

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We were sitting around after golf and my friend whose husband just died said she defrosted a lasagna that a neighbor brought over, why don't we come over for dinner. In about five minutes, she had a table full of takers. I made a Greek salad and brought some hot fudge sauce for ice cream and Voila' dinner was done. We had a great time, and Pat had fun having some people to share her meal with.

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