Have you eaten at The Melting Pot?

jewels_ksJune 19, 2013

This weekend me and my daughter are heading to KC with her girl scout troop for our last trip for the troop. We are going to eat at The Melting Pot and I was wondering what most people think of this place and what the average price on a meal is. We are thinking about $40.00 per person.

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My husband and I ate at one about five years ago. Our total bill was $150.

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I'm pretty sure they have an online menu. Have you checked their website? Pricing varies by location. Check out their website before you go. It can get pricey to eat there but you can also do it inexpensively. It's all about restraint!

I haven't been in years but they used to have combos that included app, salad, entrée and dessert. While we enjoyed our experience, you will find some folks don't like it. Some think it's oily and others don't like the bouillon. There's no pleasing everyone! Keep in mind that some of the cost is because of all the prep involved.

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Would love to. The kids used to go for special occasions and do seem to recall them saying they never got out of there without a 150. to 180. bill for the two of them.

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I found it to expensive for my tastes.


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My husband and I don't drink, but our bill was always about $100 before tax and tip. It's a lot of food and a lengthy meal.

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I'm not sure it's something kids of that age would like.
Basically, you are "boiling" your food in different types of stock.
Very small portions of food and very over priced.
I wasn't impressed.

But I did love the dessert part.....

Here is a link that might be useful: Melting Pot

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I've been twice. It was very expensive and the portions are quite small. Honestly I thought the food was terrible. We did both the grilling and boiling method of cooking. The pieces of chicken, meat and fish are very small, even so you can only get a few on the cooking surface at a time so it takes forever to eat a meal. When I spend that kind of money I want my food prepared for me lol.

I noticed kids getting impatient, so it may not be a great place to take them.

A lot of people go just for dessert, but that is not cheap either.

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There's one close to me, but it's only open evenings.

Reviews are great for this one near me.

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I tried a bunch of times to find the menu/prices for Albany ny, where we visit family, and it won't come up. I'm thinking I wouldn't like it, and I'm an adult. Not a place I'd take kids--especially a diverse bunch of them.

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It's been a few years but it was wonderful....We were in Chicago, I believe, and my daughter was great for finding new places to eat...Something you wouldn't or couldn't do every day but we loved it!

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