My new fridge.....

katlanJune 18, 2013

arrived today. And we couldn't get it through the kitchen. It was too big to fit past the end of the countertop to get to where it needed to be. Ugh......back to the drawing board. And after all the wheeling and dealing I did to get such great discounts on it!!

On a better note, we decided to bring up the fridge in our basement, it was my mom's. She's been gone 15 years this August. The thing works! We will see over the next few days to a week if it keeps ice cream frozen, but doesn't freeze the lettuce. Oh please don't let it drip water everywhere inside the refrigerator.

In all honesty, it was a blessing in disguise. When we went out to the delivery truck to look at it, I was really surprised. And not in a good way. It was much smaller than the one I had. I would not have been happy with one so small, luckily, it didn't fit.

Oh well, that's the highlight of my day so far..,....pitiful huh? haha

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Oh, what a shame! I was so impressed by what you did to get such an excellent price. So sorry for you. Oh well.

If the new one, that didn't fit, was smaller than the one you had, how did your old one fit?

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

the new one I ordered which is huge had a hard time too but the guys that delivered it were determined! They had to take off both of the doors on the fridge and all the knobs on my drawers and cabinets and it just barely squeeked through. There is a counter in my kitchen that someone built with out apparently thinking of things like getting appliances in and out. I want that thing gone anyway and was just about ready to go get the saw and start sawing the edge off of it.

Hope the old one hangs on for a while till you find a new one that fits. Will your old one even come out of there if the new one is smaller and would not go in??
the doors are real easy to take off and on so don't worry about that.

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Oh, too bad. My neighbor has had three fridges delivered before he got one that fit in. It still was too tall but he is having an overhead cabinet removed..

BTW, if water is collecting in your old fridge, look on the back for a plastic drain tube that goes from the freezer to underneath the fridge. Be sure the tube is cleaned out. Dust, pet hair, etc gathers in there and the water from the defroster collects in the bottom of the fridge instead of going to a pan to evaporate.

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The old fridge fit because although wider than the new one, it wasn't as deep. I have exactly 29" to squeeze a fridge through past the end of the counter to get to the built in spot for the fridge. The old fridge was 28.5" deep the new one was 29.5" deep, without the doors!

The new one was 2" skinnier in width. Old one was 32" new one was 29.875", and when I opened the door to check out the new one I was very disappointed in how little space there was inside. Remember I said I felt nervous about ordering sight unseen because I couldn't find any store that had it in stock. Another lesson learned, make sure I see it first. Or at least make sure it will fit!

Well, the old one is out and the one in the basement is in place. Back to looking!

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I feel your pain. My DH practically had to re-configure my kitchen by moving a cabinet and adding some floor tile when I had to get a new one. No such thing as standard size, I guess. Be happy if one side of your fridge has some empty space. Mine had cabinets on both sides and above!

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I feel it, too. When I bought my first house, mu real estate agent gave me a mobile home size refrigerator to help me get the house set up... single outside door with the little freezer door inside. I used it until I got married. I found a GIANT refrigerator, pretty sure the old one would fit in the main section. After having wire racks, I was SO excited about the glass spill-catching shelves, lol. It has a nasty scratch on the side and Lowe's has lots of other scratch and dent appliances so I got an unbelievable deal- something like 75% off. It fit fine in the first house. Then we moved to NOLA for a year. My parents stored it on their back patio because they had no place to keep it but it was useful for family dinners, lol.

We moved back and I was excited to get my giant refrigerator back after having the low-end apartment one we had in NOLA. I almost put it in front of the door to the back door- no way was I giving it up (or going appliance shopping again, lol).

I had to rip out the broom closet and cram the washer, dryer, and refrigerator between a doorway (removed the door) and a wall. It was a tight fit between the stove counter, door walkway and refrigerator- I am pretty sure you could not open the stove and refrigerator at the same time.

I now have a low-end small-ish house size refrigerator that came with the house (not ice maker or freezer shelf- quite annoying). Wish I had my old one but it would not fit in the moving truck.

Keep trying and keep in mind, rearranging the kitchen might just be worth having appliances you like, :-)

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