Dial soap for nighttime leg cramps

creekgirlJune 9, 2008

I've been having terrible leg cramps at night. I'm talking about getting 4/5 during an 8 hour sleep period.

I've checked out the health forum for some answers to this problem of leg cramps & one of the solutions posted is to put a cake of Dail soap in your bed near your legs.

Has anyone tried it? And if so, did it work? It seems like a really weird solution but at this point I'm willing to try anything, well almost anything...LOL.

Thanks, Creekgirl

My doctor's answer to this was to eat a banana every day & to eat a container of yogurt also. These things haven't helped at all.

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My husband tried this and it did work for a few months. It's pretty cheap to try so even if it doesn't work, you're not out much.

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I thought it was Ivory soap that is used, not Dial.


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Well, I use Ivory, but what the heck?????Also, you might want to try a little tonic water in the evening (has quinine in it). I've found that it really helps.

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My mom has sworn by this and tells everyone about it. She said it really works for her. She always has a bar of soap with her. She said any kind works.

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Didn't work...

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I had those and found out thru testing from my DR. it was a shortage of calicum. Please check it out as it could be PAD also --problems with circulation in the legs which could be heart related.

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This is one of those remedies that Dr. Gott mentions in his column a lot. It seems to work for some people. Couldn't hurt to try it.

There used to be an OTC product for restless legs, but you can't get that now, Tonic water is similar.


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Sometimes when I have a "sweaty" day I have unbelievable leg cramps. An energy booster called "Emer'gen-C" that the health store carries is a life-saver. It is a small package that comes in many flavors and is vitamins and minerals and potassium and more. Hot days I carry a couple packets in my car..easy to pop into a cup of water. I also have found a product called "Leg Cramps" (at the health food store) that contains quinine and usually stops them immediately. I do hope that you are not developing circulation problems. BTW, the soap trick really doesn't cost anything and is not a danger to your health, so why not try it!

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I have leg cramps often and take potassium supplements for them.Usually 2 or 3 99mg. tablets before I go to bed or if I wake up with a cramp,will alleviate the problem.Leg cramps can also be caused from drinking a lot of fluids during the day which causes depletion of potassium,calcium and magnesium through kidney function.Restoring these minerals with supplements may alleviate the cramps.DH has leg cramps too and takes a calcium,vitamin D supplement for them which helps.That supplement doesn't work for me though and the potassium doesn't work for him.Go figure!LOL So,you might try both to see which one works for you.

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I swear by it! I use Irish Spring because that is what we use. I can stand on my legs for hours in the heat and no cramps! The last time I had leg cramps is when I had to sleep on the recliner because of a chest cold - no soap that night! It works for me - I put it under the bottom sheet at the bottom of the bed - must be in my head, but it works!

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If the soap doesn't work, try getting some liquid magnesium (Magonate) from the pharmacy (I don't think you need a prescription). That is what we gave DD when she was small and had 'growing pains' in her legs. It worked wonderfully!

Here is a link that might be useful: Magonate FAQs

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My DH drinks milk for his restless leg syndrome but with his he says it is not cramps but a creepy crawling feeling or a tinglingly of both his arms and legs. He's had this for as long as I can remember. The milk helps some. When it's really bad he sleeps on the floor. Says that works somewhat. I think I'll tell him about the soap. It can't hurt.

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Folk remedies. Chamomile tea contains glycine, an amino acid that relaxes the muscles. Drink five cups (1.2 liters) daily for two weeks to relieve muscle cramps. Honey can prevent recurring foot and leg cramps during the night. Regularly take two teaspoons (10 ml) of honey with meals.

Mustard and pickle juice have acetic acid, which helps produce acetylcholine, a stimulant for your leg muscles. Take a spoonful (15 ml) of mustard or a few ounces (grams) of pickle juice to prevent leg cramps. Apple cider vinegar is rich in potassium. Mix one teaspoon (5 ml) of honey and two teaspoons (10 ml) of vinegar in a glass of warm water and drink this mixture

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My mom laughed at me when I told her about putting soap under her bottom sheet but she was suffering so badly with cramps that she decided to try it. Several months later, she sheepishly admitted that it DID work. She hasn't had any leg cramps in over 6 months...and before the soap, she'd have cramps every couple of nights.

She doesn't know how or why it works, but she doesn't care!

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I swear by this! I have slept with a bar of soap at the foot of my bed for over a year and it really has helped with my knee pain. I use any soap..so far they have all worked. People thought I was crazy when I heard about it on here and tole them about it...but they have tried it and mnost of them say it works. My sisters all do it and have good results. Can't hurt to try it!

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My sister swears by the bar of soap too.

IF you are taking Lipitor for high cholesterol, it is known to cause leg/foot cramps. I was on Lipitor and foot cramps were horrible. Went off it for almost a year....no more cramps. Now doc has me on Zettia and so far, so good.

Getting extra calcium, magnesium and potassium via supplements should help. In the hot summer heat your body is losing salt, so make sure to eat some salty things.

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you might want to read this before using anything with quinine in it.

Here is a link that might be useful: FDA bans quinine products

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Hi up-the-creek,

When I saw the subject, I thought to come to refer to one person saying here last year or two years ago about using a bar of soap (I think that she used "Dial") in the bed to alleviate leg cramps.

That she had been skeptical ... but, trying it, found that it worked ... so, continued to use it.

I don't remember whether some others agreed - I think so.

But you've had several people here testify to their successful use of it ... and the cost is much lower than that related to most medical procedures!

Also, some found that it was of little or no value in their situation.

Caution: if one/(some?) of your acquaintances has(ve) figured you to be a bit squirrelly ...

... don't tell 'em, O.K?

I hope that you're off to a good start in this lovely new week.

ole joyful

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Do you unwrap soap before you put it under the sheets?

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My doctor told me to try drinking tonic water before bed rather than taking quinine tablets. It's a tiny amount of quinine and in many cases all that's needed. I did try the tonic water and it was effective.

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I unwrap mine - I also find that I need to put a new one in every once in awhile. I was told years ago to unwrap my soaps and put it in a drawer to make it smell good - it also hardens the soap and it lasts longer in the shower. When I first started the soap, I was getting symptoms of RLS - the tingly legs - they are gone for over five years now...

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Hello All.....

I sure appreciate all the input regarding the bar of soap. I tried it last night & still got the cramps. I was so hoping that it would work.

I finally called my onc. doc which is what I probably should have done in the first place but I was really hoping to find a solution that didn't involve taking pills.

I had just finished up a course of prednisone & he said that sometimes "in the elderly" (I'm 68) after coming off the prednisone that nighttime leg cramps develop. So that explains that! I guess to the doc I am elderly.....he's about 20/25 or looks to be anyhow....lol.

He said if I wanted to try the tonic water that he didn't think it would hurt but has now put me on a med. he feels will stop them.

I do take 1000 of calcium w/vit.D every day because I am very fearful of falling & breaking any of my limbs. While I was having medical problems the onc. doc took me off every vitamim that I had been taking including Evista. That was one med. that I really felt did me a lot of good because over a 4 year span I didn't lose any bone density.

I am very tired of taking pills! I had to take a lot of them when having DVT, chemo, radiation & surgery. But considering the alternative to having these things & the meds. I won't complain!

Again, thanks for all the input......Creekgirl

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wonder if it would work for me? i'm on a potassium restricted diet (kidney problems) think i'll try it tonight...

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Hi there,
I'm new here...
I have RLS, and I'm on prescribed medication that people with Parkinsons use. The first batch of pills worked perfectly, but the refill isn't working nearly as well.

A neighbour mentioned that she has Restless Leg Syndrome and she SOAKS her feet in Tonic Water.

I've heard of drinking tonic water but it tastes horrid to me, and it didn't stop the tingling, creepy-crawlies.

I soak my feet for a few days for an hour a day and it seems to work. After a few days or so, if the tinglies come back, I'll soak again.

I'll try the bar of soap as well, but when I have restless legs, the only way they stop is to go to bed!


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You can also shave the bar and put the shavings in an old sock and then use that.

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My mom who was a cook & on her feet so many hours a day-used to get leg cramps the minute she'd go to bed. Her remedy to stop them immediately? 1 tsp of baking soda in 1/2 cup of cold water-stir to dissolve most of it & chug it down! Works for me.

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I use Ivory Soap, but my sister's doctor told her to take two Tums before she ges to bed.

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Didn't work for me,and what i found out that i was getting them because of the Lovastatin the dr gave me for cholesterol.Of cours the dr didn't think that was the reason,but i did and stopped taking it.They went away in a few weeks after i stopped.
So you may want to check and see if you've been taking any new meds lately.

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