Holy cow! ... More accurately - holey condom

joyfulguyJune 7, 2012

Two young people in one of our eastern provinces had been going together for a time, which included substantial intimacy, including the use of condoms.

Though the relationship was deteriorating somewhat, the young man would like to have had a child ...

... but the young lady was not enthusiastic.

He had suggested pregnancy tests ... and after a time one came up positive.

The relationship ceased.

The lady had an abortion.

The young man sent her an email suggesting that, for her safety, that she not use her supply of condoms, as he had pierced them.

She called the police.

He was charged with aggravated sexual assault, the kind usually related to grievous bodily harm, disfigurement, resulting major handicap or even death.

The judge disallowed the aggravated part, and found him guilty on the sexual assault charge, sentencing him to 18 months in jail.

The young man appealed ...

... and the appeal was heard, in provincial court of appeal, by *five* judges, as this is a unique situation and quite serious ramifications are involved if the charge is affirmed.

ole joyful

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This is definitely interesting. I don't blame the girl.

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Wow, I hadn't heard of that one OJ.
Following the story of the sicko who fled Montreal to Germany where he was caught.

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If I were one of the judges, I'd rule in favor of the woman.

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