Alisande, and others, easy little program to print mulitples

iowagirl2006June 22, 2012

Here is a link to a nifty little program that allows you to print multiple pictures on one page.

You can download "photosheet" to be able to put more than on picture on sheet. You can save it and print it yourself - or take it somewhere to be printed.

You can choose how many pics on a page and what size/shape to do them. You can choose what size paper.

It is really nifty little free program...

Also does some super fun collage type things. You can make a neat 8.5x11 (or any size) collage - print it - plop it in a $3 frame and you have a masterpiece!

This program is also awesome if you enjoy making cards and want to print pictures smaller to mount on cards. You can put 2 or more pics on a 4x6 size! Works great for that!!

There is also a simple cropping program and a mini book program on this site too. I haven't tried those yet.

Here is a link that might be useful: Photo Utility

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I do the majority of my photo editing and all of those features with "Photoscape", which is a free download from Google.

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Yea - this really isn't a photo editing program.

More so just a little utility to be able to cram a whole lot of pictures onto one page for printing. You can make wallets, etc.. same picture repeated, or different pictures.

Scrapbookers and card artist find it very handy to use - especially if you aren't into using any post production type of software.

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Thanks to both of you. I do a lot of picture "manipulating" and will enjoy learning these new ones.

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Thank you, Iowagirl! Playing with pictures is always fun.

PS: Do we have the same photo printer?

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Nope - I have a HP printer.

As far as printing the b/w pictures - do you do any post processing on them in Photoshop Elements - I have found that just changing them to b/w and printing they are kind of blahh...

But if I change some of the levels I can get a much better print.

There are loads of tutorials for PSe and b/w picture online.

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I read great reviews on an HP greyscale printer (the 8750, I think), but it was way too expensive for me.

Yes, I do quite a bit of post processing, and play with the RGB levels when I convert to b&w. The reviews I've read for my printer say the color prints are outstanding, but the b&w are less than satisfactory--plus the b&w prints take forever. It's just not set up well for b&w, I guess. Canon makes another model with excellent greyscale printing, but it's also out of my price range.

If and when I get serious about printing a large number of my dad's photographs (I've scanned and edited about 500 of his negatives so far), I'll reevaluate my options at that time.

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