Is Everyone Busy Today?

marilyn_sueJune 30, 2012

It seems like there is always something around here to keep me busy. We ate supper last evening at Richard's and then went on to see Alyssa in the VBS program. Later had cookies and punch in the basement. Today I have been busy getting some food ready for dinner after the church service tomorrow. I plan on taking a confetti cake, a Hoosier sugar cream pie and a strawberry pie. I have the strawberries cleaned ready to put in my baked pie shell in the morning and the sugar cream pie and the cake are baked too. I am glad for the relief from the high heat we have had this past week and so grateful for all the rain we got. I think in a bit Izzi and I will get on the big rig and go out and check the garden. What are you busy with today?

Sue in Central Indiana

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Hi Sue, haven't seen you here in a while. Hope the rain and lower temps make their way east to New York State.

Very hot here today, but I did do some dead-heading and Japanese Beetle picking.

Would love if you would share your recipe for Confetti Cake. TY.

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I delivered Meals on Wheels and now am going to the movies with a friend to see "Ted". Tonight there is a Choral Society concert of patriotic music.

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Here is your recipe Toby Girl! One box of Duncan Hines Confetti cake mix, make as directed on the box :)


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Doing laundry and reading. I finished one book yesterday and started another book in the series and am half way through it. I do my house work and laundry on week ends, because of crowded streets on week ends.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Dreary wet weather here in the North Houston area. I am trying to fight off a nap that keeps trying to pull me in. Don't want to get out in this. Probably will not get much done today.

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Still getting settled after being gone for the month and with both son in law's in the hospital, going one day at a time. SIL in CA still in ICU, but better (I hope) and the other one had back surgery yesterday and doing good. Hopes to come home tomorrow. Warm here around 81, but a slightly cool breeze from the north off and on. Not doing much. Making simple and easy meals.
Have a great day.

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Sue, you have been missed around here. Hope your busy schedule slows down so you can have some time to "play" with us. I sure would like to have a good old Indiana grown tomato like you posted about on another thread. Yum!

I haven't done much today. Cleaned and got all the glass back in the cabinet. Vacuumed up all the crud and bits of carpet from the new floor install. Dusted everything since there was a film of dust all over everything from the tile guys having to remove the tile in the entryway. Ick! Took a hour-long nap since I didn't sleep too well last night. Now it's time to start dinner.

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Too hot to do much of anything.

Did venture out for lunch, stopped by WalMart and back in.

Took a cool relaxing nap!

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This afternoon, we drove up to Manitou Springs, and did a short shoot for a film assignmnet. Day into Night. Shoot during the day, and make it look like night. We did an adaption of a scene from Taming of the Shrew, and my sweety is editing it right at this very second. It looks great so far, we got some great shots. There was a busker across the street playing saxiphone, so we even have background music. It was hot (94), but tolerable, and we had such a good time. Came home, and threw some steaks in a skillet, had some salad and onion rings, and calling it a day.

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Hi. It is fun to read how you spend your days. It was stinking hot here today. I watered the plants and steam cleaned the kitchen floor. Got caught up on laundry. I watched the men's gymnastic Olympic trials. Those guys are absolutely incredible. What strength they have. I wish every one could be on the team.

My friend and I went to see The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel at the theater tonight. I think I will move to India and meet a new man (or an old man). It was excellent. I am still getting used to asking for the Senior price since I just officially became a Senior. The girl selling the tickets didn;t even blink when I asked. Oh well.

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Glad to hear you all got that much needed rain for your beautiful garden, Sue.

Alyssa looked so cute in her VBS program as did her little friends. :)

Your cooking makes me feel lazy. I didn't do much cooking today and did a little shopping at the dollar store. Watched a couple of movies.

Was very hot again today, but we did get some evening showers...Yay!

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Hi Marilyn!

I am gonna 'join' EmmaR and Ravencajun today! LOL!

I don't do much on week-ends...TV is boring, too much traffic to go out, too hot to go out, too broke to go out...LOL!

BUT...I do manage a few loads of laundry and surfing lots of 'stuff' on the web!

Whatever the rest of you do today...ENJOY!

nola anne

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Went out for coffee at my favorite diner, unfortunately spilled a cup all over my newspaper and myself. Didn't get burned. Walked to the Sunday Farmers Market in my town, bought some bi-color corn, a glass of iced coffee (needed a caffein up-date), some bread and some dill goat cheese.MMMMMMmmmmm. Went home and cleaned the kitchen, did some dishes, cleaned the cat box. Then made a light brunch for me and hubby-bread with the dill goat cheese. This afternoon it will be hot, I'll try to get in a little gardening. We're in our second over-90-heat-wave of the summer. They announced on TV this morning that it will be a record year for fleas, so watch your dogs.

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Our kitchen remodel has started, and how. I didn't realize the contractor wanted the kitchen cleared out yet since we're doing a small bump-out, and I thought they would work only on the dig out and framing; the whole week has been crazy. Dear, dear friends and daughter helped me clear out the kitchen and now I have to organize the two bedrooms where the temporary kitchen stuff resides. (Most is packed in boxes against the dining room wall.) Yesterday we went to SF to put a deposit down on a countertop, then one more time to the appliance store to nail down decisions. Everyone keeps telling me, aren't you excited?? Maybe later. Right now I'm exhausted.

But the best part of the day was going to the Mountain Winery to see Ira Glass (from npr) who was hilarious, with a friend. Wonder of wonders, about halfway through the show after the sun had set, a white bird circled us three times before flying off. At first I thought it was a pigeon or dove who was out too late, then realized it was a white OWL!!!! I was so thrilled as I've never seen one in the wild.

I love these posts, MS. It's fun to hear what other people do with their days, though I do feel rather guilty when I realize how much they get done in a day! Sue, your posts usually make me hungry. :) You have a lucky family.

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