any rubber stampers here? Ink pad question

jannaz_gwJune 7, 2013

I have an ink pad I got at a thrift shop. It's a RubberStampede Neon Ink Pad with yellow, pink, green and orange colors. It must be ancient, because I couldn't find any reference to it on Google, but the ink is still moist enough to be revived.

Problem is, I can't tell if it's dye or pigment ink. I suspect dye, but would hate to ruin it by using the wrong "stuff" to refresh it.

Is there an easy way to tell which is which?

(I looked at the scrapbooking forum, but their most recent post was back in January, so I'm trying here.)


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Can't help, Jann, but I can recommend someone who can answer your question, probably. Call or email Stamp Connection. If they can help you, they are fabulous. I have no connection to the company, just a regular and happy customer.

Here is a link that might be useful: Stamp Connection

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Jann, by the looks of the web site I will link, it looks like it should be a dye base ink. I am not postive, but that's what it looks like to me. It's thier ink pads listed, but not that particular one. Hope this helps. One thing that might help you figure it out is, dye base dries quickly, pigment ink stays wet longer. If you have any embossing powder, try embossing with it. If the embossing powder sticks to the ink and puffs up like it's supposed to, then it's pigment.


Here is a link that might be useful: ink pad

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Sushi, thank you. At first glance, their site looks more like something for commercial stamps and inks, rather than art-stamping inks. I'll look again if nothing more specific turns up.

Tami, I think you're right--it's probably dye. I think my pad is so old, they weren't making pigment stamp pads yet--lol. It's not "juicy" enough to make embossing powder stick, so can't test that way. I may sacrifice the green (it's not a very pretty green) just to see if the refresher for dye works.


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Jannaz, did you try to reink the pad yet? If the pad is made of a sponge-like material, it is likely pigment ink. If it is like a thick cotton pad with a fabric top layer, it is likely dye ink.

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I did some investigating and RubberStampede made dye based ink pads. I could find no menion of them making pigment ones.

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