Hunter on The View

arcy_gwJune 26, 2012

I had the misfortune of tripping upon "The View" as I did my daily torture on the tread mill. Edward's mistress has written a book it seems. That lady is one cool cookie. I sure hope NO ONE buys her book, funding her delusions. WoW!!

The prophesy has come true "What is wrong will be called right what is right will be called wrong". I am so scared for our world.

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I wouldn't give her a red cent. And I wouldn't give the view one second of my time.

I'm with you arcy, I am truly afraid for our country and our world.

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I wonder how many of us have that sort of feeling about our world today. Never pay attention to much mostly seems...?unseemly? Not saying that there are not small bright hopeful things happening....but, so much moral corruption. Oh well, It is a good thing that I am 77 and counting.

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Nanny98 I wish I had lived in your decades. At 52 I am SHOCKED how fast we have fallen and how far. In my teens and 20's I felt so blessed to be growing up when I was. I had no idea how the PC crowd could mess us up. I agree 100% Katlan. I stopped on The View only because I had heard this woman was very self-righteous in her sin and I had to see for myself.

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HER sins? She was single, and shouldn't have made herself available. HE was married.

So who is the bigger sinner?

Frankly, I don't give a crap about either of them, but singling her out instead of him is wrong.

Both men and women have been cheating since the institution of marriage was invented, We just hear more about it now.

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I totally agree with you ladies -- it seems the past couple of decades have been so damaging to our society. Not only is anything acceptable in the name of political correctness, but we have to witness it all on tv. Even if WE do not watch the garbage-mongers on tv, those who DO watch it become desensitized to it, so even the worst and most terrible behavior becomes more and more normal to them. It affects us all.

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I think Riele Hunter is a real wackado. But I don't see how her brand of "morality" (or lack thereof) has ~anything~ to do with political correctness???? What's up with that?

I'm not acquainted with a single person who even remotely shares Hunter's life view. She is a fringe person. To equate her with some kind of end times is to give her to much significance.

I don't think John Edwards dodged his own share of scathing criticism. He fell a whole lot farther than Hunter & he'll never regain any semblance of the pinnacle from which he tumbled.

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When we can no longer say "this is not ok" for fear that someone will be offended....we've got a problem.

We can no longer be appauled by anything we consider immoral because it will offend "somebody." So instead, we have to be open to everything. Don't judge me! people cry. Well, so now it's not only OK it's normal to have multiple sex partners in life, its totally normal. It's so normal to have children as a teenager that entire programs are set up in public schools for it. lots of kids and young adults experiment with sexuality. Everything is normal because it's not PC to say "I'm not OK with this or that."

Where do you suppose we can go from here? I have some ideas of what the future has....look at what is taboo now. Not much....but the stuff that is now, is the stuff that will be normal later. Just like history shows. And when that becomes the norm....yes. God help us.

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amy I totally agree. We have this discussion a lot in my house. All we have to do is look at history. Every great nation that rose to extreme power and wealth also fell, because of greed, immorality, power, and in my opinion, for taking God out of their lives.

Not only are the things we personally feel is immortal supposed to be tolerated, it now has to be ACCEPTED, and God help the person that speaks up, they are a bigot, a racist, a homophobe, a zealot, an extremist, a hater, they are judgmental, holier than thou, a prude, an elitist, damn you name.

I fear our country will get what it deserves because of it's actions, especially in the past decade or so. God help our country.

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Totally agree with previous posts. I always wonder, how could rational, sane , people allow this PC cr@p to have become the norm? Where is the outrage on some of this stuff? Tolerance and compassion, etc.-of course. That's kindness to fellow man, but.... That doesn't mean society has to have it shoved down their throats, and it must be universally accepted and made into law.

Off the soap box. (I should have put this on Hot Topics. Sorry)

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It stuns me that all these talk and news shows can rip people so badly. Calling someone a horrible name seems to be the norm these days.. The View is one of the worst ones to do this. I was not surprised when Joy's show was cancelled. No one seems to care these days. Such a shame... Whatever happened to kindness!

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Sally Brownlee

oh, I know I will get flamed for this...and no, you dont have to agree. I am fine with agreeing to disagree.
But I dont think one has to believe in the Bible to see some truth in this:

From the apostle Paul
"But know this,that in the last days perilous times will come: For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good, traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God" (2 Timothy 3:1-4)

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sounds good to me sal........

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Maybe there IS hope for us. Maybe, and I have always held this hope, there ARE enough people among us to hold a certain dignity in their lives to pass on to the following generation. We do see is just that the "other" seems so loud.

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I'm pretty liberal politically speaking ,but I agree 100% the world is going to hell in a hand basket.I hate the moral climate today even though in previous generations, things were so uptight. The pendulum has swung 360, and nothing shocks me any more. Even the fact that Rielle Hunter is out promoting herself when all she is is a glorified slut. As for Edwards, he's lower than a snake. To think he was in the three top tier candidates running for president in 2008 is scary. What if he had won?.

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I am not going to comment on her behavior, his behavior or the book......but what I found repulsive was the gang bang that took place on the show.......I thought that yet again, all the rude, outspoken big mouths on that program gang banged Rielle....I hope after watching that fiasco, that she sells lots of books.......

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The dumbing down of America - and the world.....television in general! Starting with reality tv shows and going on to give people like this air time to promote their morally bankrupt lives.

I agree - I am totally scared for my country and my world.

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salgal - what Paul said is important. What is unfortunate however is that alot of PC stuff takes front and center for fear of being called insensitive to other religions, many wars are currently being fought in the name of someone's God, terrorism is being wrought in societies in the name of someone's God. I wonder what Paul has to say about that?

A few years ago when my kids were still in the school system our elementary school decided that you could no longer say Merry Christmas because it wasn't politically correct. We are so busy trying to be inclusive of others feelings, beliefs, and religions that mine is losing. That's when I decided that being PC was a crock.

Back on topic - I stopped watching The View when Elizabeth was brought onto the panel. I find her to be self-righteous and self-centered.

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I have a friend that was in the same place. Her husband took up with a gal on his daughter's ball team, snuck her along on business trips and such. He left his wife, moved in with the girlfriend and married her a few months later.
Well, here we are, he bought the biggest house in the housing addition, got fired from his $350.000 job and now is getting a divorce from the woman that only lasted 1 1/2 years.. He's stuck with a low paying job and can't get rid of his big house.. All because he wanted something new..I knew when it all happened it would never last.. Chances of the Edwards thing lasting was pretty low, too. If people would only think.. The grass is not always greener on the other side...

Oh and the kicker to all of this is the husband talked his wife into joining the company he was working for. They ended up letting her go with a 6 month severance pay. She ended up getting hired back for the company she had left with a much higer pay and a whopping great job. She is now making more then the ex...

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

She is now on Peirce Morgan, and he is asking her about her book and 'what really happened'. She is being very evasive and even said she didn't want to talk about Edwards. Pierce is cutting her no slack! It (he) is good!


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It seems as though I can't tune in without seeing her. I saw her on The Talk as well as Pierce and she was not consistent with her answers. Sharon Osbourne told Hunter that she speaks with forked tongue. Most times she looks like a deer in the headlights. She did say that she wishes she could re-edit some parts of her book.

She and John deserve one another. I feel sorry for all the kids involved.

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I just heard the interview with Pierce on my way home. She admitted to making mistakes and being stupid. What more can we ask for?
I guess the way things are going, it would be a shock if a politician , actor etc anyone in the media would turn out to NOT be dishonest or a cheater.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

I just heard the interview with Pierce on my way home. She admitted to making mistakes and being stupid. What more can we ask for?
Well, I thought it seemed she wasn't wanting to give away too many answers, (tempting people to buy book to get them) but admitting to making mistakes and being stupid really gave it all away. Now we know, What Really Happened."

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I saw Rielle on The View,then several days later on the Talk. On this latter show Sharon Osbourne asked her some tough questions. The girl is clearly in the wrong, she wasn't sinmply a woman in love with JE, I think she was highly delusional,very cold and calculating. And speaking badly in her book about Elizabeth Edwards, that was the most awful part. I have absolutely no interest in reading her book, even it was free at the library I wouldn't bother. I met my husband when he was married but separated, and I didn't take him "seriously" until he was fully divorced. His first marriage lasted 2 years, ours will be 33 years on Friday.

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Every review of her interviews I read all agree with you jannie, so it begs the question WHY are they giving her so much air time!?

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And what idiot would lay out money to buy her book?

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The answer: Easy....
Sex SELLS, people watch. These shows are in the business to make $$.
However I seriously doubt her book will make much, because it's evident there is really nothing left to reveal about the sordid affair. And the fact Rielle included in her book such hateful stuff against Elizabeth, really seals her fate that she is indeed a pariah.

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They deserve each other. The children are the ones who suffer.

I really don't share the above mentioned feeling about the degradation of our society. I see many, many hardworking young people who have morals and convictions. And I surround myself with people who make a difference, in a good way. It's the bad apple that gets all the press, not your average every day Joe who goes about his life in the right way.

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Good point of view sleeper - there ARE probably more good than bad things going on out there...

That said, many civilizations have been destroyed in history. We are not immune - it is on those of us who recognize there is a problem to do what we can to preserve a sense of morality. I bet that even that word "morality' ruffles feathers. It's unfortunate -
All I can do is state my thoughts respectfully, without being over zealous, and teach my own kids and those who hang out at my home what my expectations are and why.

I had a crowd of 16 year olds on my lawn this week, and one kid who didn't know me exclaimed something with the efff word. All those boys looked at me, and I didn't need to say a word. I did, of course, LOL - they know how who I am and that there is a tiny pocket in the world that expects respectful behavior and won't hear profanity from children. I'm not perfect in any way, but we each can have a positive influence if we choose to take a stand.

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There definetely are lots of young (and older) people doing good, working hard and contributing positively to society. However, there are also must be many with a bit lower standards; otherwise all the CRAP tv shows wouldn't be so popular, make so much money and continue to be renewed. (ie Teen Mom, Toddlers & Tiaras, Sister Wives, etc.)

Yes, this is only my opinion; however, can we really call these hugely popular tv shows "quality" entertainment? I still call it the dumbing down of America and it scares me.

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