Moen motion sense anyone?

Momto3kiddosDecember 9, 2012

I am choosing plumbing fixtures soon and will be using moen based on plumber recs. they now have a motion sense technology for kitchen faucets. I have had bad experiences in a work setting with sensor faucets, but the benefit of turning the war on without touching the fixture seems fabulous. It may also be handy for my kids who can reach to use the sink but not necessarily reach the faucet handle.

So, does anyone have this in use yet, and what do you think? I think they were just shipped in October. Thanks!

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I have an American Standard in my MBR for my cats. When I bought it in 2006 only commercial fixtures were available. I just afforded to have my MBR assembled this spring.

Things to consider:
How long it stays on.
Where the sensor is positioned.
To what temperature it be set?
If you're just grabbing something out of the sink, will it soak your sleeve and scare the pants off of you? (Ask me how I know.

Ironically, I use this more than the regular faucet in the same sink and the cat. The water comes on with such force it scares him initially. Once it's on, he's cool, but I can't find a setting to leave it on for maybe 1 minute, vs only when something is in front of it. It shuts off just when he's starting to drink. We're working on this and I like it enough I'm not ruling out replacing this with a more versatile motion sensor type.

Now, I SWEAR by motion sensor lights in rooms like the bathrooms, closets, basements, pantries, attics, garages, mudrooms, front halls, and definitely outside. When I had my DH put these in when we bought the house, we dropped our averaged power bill from about $200 a month to $155. He wouldn't turn a light off there were a gun to his head.

I'd be interested to see the model of faucet you choose. Things do change in 6 years!

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I just got the Moen Arbor Motionsense. I think it's great, but the plumber says he's taken them back out. There is a bit of a learning cutve. I'm a California doctor and I'm in the habit of using them at work and we have a lot of sensor faucets in the state for water conservation, but it is easy to set it off accidently. I got splattered wiping down the counter. A cat who wandered around on top of the kitchen counters would be a problem too.

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Any more updates on this faucet? I want to get the Arbor but haven't decided on the motion sense or not. Some things I've read make me very interested. I like that you can hook it to AC under the sink so you don't have to replace batteries. I like that you can turn the motion sense off. It also states that if the water is left on for a certain time with no one around, it will automatically turn off. Any verification of this feature? I ask because the one bad review on this faucet was from someone who said they flooded their entire kitchen because it got turned on and left on (supposedly turned on by itself in middle of night or something--seems a bit suspect). I wonder if they failed to properly calibrate the sensors.

Let me know how you like it if you've used it for a period of time.

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