Bold Tile, Sunlight Filled Kitchen

oldbat2beDecember 27, 2012

There are two versions of this reveal; this is the better one but it's loaded with pictures. Here's a link to the photoshop version, if that's easier for you:

Many of you have seen progress pictures along the way and given us so much valuable feedback and advice. With the forum's help, we have an incredibly functional kitchen in which it is great fun to cook and entertain.

Our home was built in the mid 60's and the kitchen used to be on the back side of the house, facing north west (never any sun). Our architect suggested relocating the kitchen to the front of the house, and came up with a very functional new plan, which included moving interior walls and adding a skylight dormer, mud room and pantry. We found a builder to perform the demolition and manage the construction. We built a temporary kitchen in our family room, moved the fridge in there with our camping gas burners on a card table, and started the long process of renovating. In the midst of this exciting and frustrating roller-coaster ride, my mom passed away. She was an amazing cook and would have loved watching the progress and seeing how everything turned out. This reveal is dedicated to her.

Cabinetry quotes for all the new areas (kitchen, island, desk area, bookshelves, pantry, mudroom) ranged from $35,000 to $75,000, uninstalled. Long story short: in order to economize, we went with an online Conestoga reseller (Brian Long/theCabinetJoint), who sold a ready to assemble/RTA cabinet, for around $23,000. This included many custom pieces; 18" deep uppers, custom width upper cabinets, 2 custom depth floor to ceiling bookshelves, and custom drawer widths and heights. While we've been very pleased with the quality and functionality, I wonder what the final effect would have been with different cabinets and/or a different cabinet style. DH and I assembled the cabinets ourselves and our builder's crew hung them. DH installed all the appliances (several, multiple times), built a steel bar support system for the island, and did so very much electrical, plumbing and carpentry work. He is one in a million.

As you look at these pictures, I would welcome finishing suggestions. What did we, as DIY-ers, miss or mangle? What stands out as unfinished to your eye and what could I add to a punchlist for a finish carpenter or DH and me? I won't be offended, but to be totally honest, I am not posting any of the bad pictures :)

When it came time to pick a backsplash, I found I had too much white and disliked how the upper run of cabinets looked. With a ton of help from the forum, I picked a bold tile which draws the eye away from the cabinets. (Special thanks to Hollysprings for reminding me that I liked a lot of contrast in my inspiration pictures and to onedogedie, for introducing me to kj patterson).

The kitchen was small and my countertops were always crowded. Still, I feel the need to acknowledge how many wonderful meals came out of that space.

We bumped out the front of the house 5 feet, replacing the foot print of the old covered porch.

We learned we could replace a structural post which would have been out in the middle, with an LBL beam. (Huge thanks to jeff_from_oakville, live_wire_oak, remodelfla, sjmitch, karen_belle and bmorepanic).

Assembling and installing cabinets. There was no magical truck pulling up outside and crews bringing in beautiful, assembled cabinets....


Desk area to the right, fireplace to eventually be replaced with gas:

Bookshelves flanking the desk - houseful, you gave me the idea of using 2 of these, to balance the desk area, and I love how this works. Nothing warms a room like books! We also keep the phone and answering machine here.

Birds'-eye view, skylight dormer:

We love our recycling center and the inset composter:

Custom wood hood built by DH. Upper cabinets are 18" deep.

Recycling center on island and shallow cutting board cabinet:

Tiled fire extinguisher niche. This is located behind the ovens; countertops are 30" and ovens were pulled forward by 6".

Upper cabinet knobs:

Baking Area with 30" countertops: (we keep things out on them and still have room to roll out a pie crust or make biscuits).

Top drawer: (note my new XMAS presents, my pink thermapen and my yellow lemon juice squeezer, thanks to zelmar and Breezygirl!)

Middle drawer:

Bottom drawer:

Next drawer stack over to the left, fun storage:

Bottom drawer:

I like the Rev-A-Shelf pull-outs (DH HATED installing these with a passion) but they are flimsy (wobbly) in comparison to my Blum Blu-Motion drawer glides.

In the upper cabinets, DH has built custom spice racks for us:

We were able to find a caulk which matched our grout. We dealt with a local metal working shop to create our stainless steel surround and custom hood liner:

Linen closet at left, eventually washer and dryer at far end. The base cabinet at the end has a single large pullout; this will be for clothes sorting bins.

Filing cabinets and beverage fridge:

Cabinets: Conestoga RTA Cabinets and Doors, Crystal White, Door CRP-10875, Cordovan stain on island.
Counters: Cambria Torquay
Bar stools: Carrington CourtDirect Mitchell 26" bar stools, with COM and custom stain.

Wall paint: BM Aura Vancouver Day

Tile: kj patterson, Fireclay Debris

Cabinet hardware
Upper Hafele Knob Clear/Polished Chrome - HAF-135-75-420
Lower: RH Bistro Pull

Varaluz, Nevada (table)
LBL lighting monorail, Lava II
Undercabinet: Philips powercore profile LED strips

Kohler Karbon faucet
KWC Sin Faucet
48" Capital Culinarian
Solon Inset Composter
Sharp 24" MW Drawer
Hood: Prestige insert with remote blower
Franke Peak SS Sink
Silestone Silgranit Sink, Biscuit
Hafele Food Pedals
Miele Futura Dimension

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This is a dandy space. Love the whole thing and that backsplash is the finishing touch. Great.

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wow. that looks amazing!!! you'd never thought it had so much DIY from your DH bc it looks soooo professional. Boy, I hope our DIY turns out half as nice. You guys did a GREAT job :)

btw, I'm sorry to hear about your mom :(

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Everything looks just beautiful! I love your tile. I love the whole room.

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Yikes, instead of editing my original post, I just added it again. Sorry for the long post and too many pictures, I'm still trying to pare them down.

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I'm sorry about the loss of your Mother.

Your kitchen is beautiful, hope you and DH enjoy it!

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It's amazing. Nothing looks missed or messed up to me. Just beautiful and even better for knowing you did a lot of it yourselves! I wish we had the skills necessary to do that!

So sorry to hear about your Mom - I'm sure she would have been amazed at the transformation and so proud of all the help you give people around here!

I hope you enjoy your gorgeous kitchen and what a good idea for the hiding of the fire extinguisher!!

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Amazing!! That's a LOT of sweat (equity). When did you break ground?
I have watched most of it take shape, loved every minute because I didn't have to be there, gnashing MY teeth!!

The laundry room is.......I cannot even think of an adjective with enough expression right now!! Perfect.

My mother would have loved my new kitchen, too.


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No need to pare down your post. I (and others, I'm sure) like seeing and reading all the details. Your kitchen turned out beautifully. Lots of takeways for me as we prepare our remodel.


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Lovely space . . . My favorite items:

The bold back splash tile -- I want something similar, but in blue
The fire extinguisher hidey hole -- something all of us should incorporte into our designs
The big windows over the sink -- nothing equals good windows
The neat pulls -- just a little thing, but I like them

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Lovely space . . . My favorite items:

The bold back splash tile -- I want something similar, but in blue
The fire extinguisher hidey hole -- something all of us should incorporte into our designs
The big windows over the sink -- nothing equals good windows
The neat pulls -- just a little thing, but I like them

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Love it all! The BS tile is so gorgeous!! You've just hit a home run on so many features here. I have no further suggestions because it's fantastic. WTG on DIY!

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It's such a tease that in so many pictures that gorgeous back splash peeks through.

I am so impressed at how each detail has been incorporated so beautifully. From bookshelves (no home is complete with out lots!) to file cabinets, to laundry. And of course, our beloved drawers. :)

I am also a fan of Brian at the Cabinet He's extremely patient and no order is too small. He's my hook for any beaded inset cabinets I can save and buy. Did I mention patient? Can't say enough good things.

Dearheart, as expected, you did a fabulous job. Your mom would be honored, roll up her sleeves, wave a rolling pin in the air, bang it on a pot bottom and scream, "What'er you waiting for!? Let's break this baby in and get COOKING!!!"

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Fabulous light filled kitchen ..just what you wanted . Great job by you and your DH . I sure don't see any "bad" places either ;) I would love to see how you reconfigured the front of the house now. I loved those arches on the old porch.

I am sorry about the death of your Mom...I bet she is smiling to see your completed kitchen. c

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You have one Gorgeous kitchen!! As I plan for our kitchen remodel I will revisit this thread many times to see the special things you did. You were very clever to make the fire extinguisher space. Your pantry area backsplash makes that area so light and beautiful. You did a fantastic job on the whole place!! Thanks for sharing with us. I loved all your pictures/info and would enjoy even more of them.

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Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous.

Your mom is probably sitting up there with my mom drooling all over that kitchen. Angels do drool, don't they? I'm so sorry she wasn't here to express how much she loves it to you, but I do believe she sees it and somehow she will give you a "wink" to let you know, you just need to keep your eyes open for it.

Best wishes for good times ahead in that kitchen.

now, to bookmark it. (and can I pin it?)


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Your kitchen is definitely one of my inspiration kitchens. I can't believe that you used RTA and did a lot of the work DIY! The results were amazing -- and what a savings!!! Congratulations. Thanks for sharing all of the great details and showing us how all of the storage and drawers work. Hopefully, THIS will be the year I will finally get going on my remodel! You have been a great help and resource.

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Your kitchen looks fabulous!!!!!!!! I know we've seen mini-reveals, but the pics in this thread really showcase all the wonderful features of which your kitchen is chock-full! The fact that you and your DH DIY'd and were able to incorporate many ideas and solicit help and advice from the forum gurus just makes it even more special.


PS Thought I had added my condolences on the loss of your mom and realized I hadn't. I am sorry for your loss and I am sorry you never got to share your beautiful kitchen with her.

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My favorite part is how personalized your kitchen is to you. The backsplash tile, spice holders, and the tile you added to the cutting board area are my favorite things.

My deepest sympathy on the loss of your mom. She would be proud of how nice your kitchen turned out.

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Still taking in the pics but one quick thought:

Couldn't DH make some custom spice racks for US? Out here in GW land? Those look great!

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Thanks all!!! So glad you all like the fire extinguisher niche and the pantry. One benefit of DIY'ing is the time it takes to get things done allows one the opportunity to come up with interesting things along the way. I could never have planned all this up front (and of course, without your help).

Please forgive me if I don't respond individually to all!

mrspete - I am looking forward to seeing your tile, hope you do end up with something similar.

CEFreeman, you crack me up! I enjoyed your channeling of my mother. She's probably playing bridge and smoking as I type this:)

Bee, thanks! If you would like to pin, please feel free.

Since you were kind enough to ask, here are a few more pictures.

The new exterior (still need to landscape and put in a walkway):
From Drop Box

Sink Area - love the bump-out window and my Kohler Karbon

Island organization:

My new white Apilco Hemstitch plates (love them):

Island Outlets (one on each side). These are not finished (but are of course functional); still need to patch a little, stain again and paint the screws. Before you ask, I couldn't find a brown/black outlet with a USB in it.

Bread cabinet, above toaster oven:

And finally, layout (may be a little out of date):

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OB2B- Love you kitchen. I love your backsplash, I love your lighting, I love your warm island. I could definitely hang out there chatting. And since you have mentioned LAX sticks and stinky hockey bags in other posts, I KNOW I would feel right at home. I love how your kitchen makes me feel like I know you and your family, it is so full of personality and so classic at the same time.
Please show more pictures of you pantry stars and crosses- I have a major crush on it and dream of using it in my kitchen, though I think they may be too big for my space. I don't know if you posted their maker, color?
I also have a crush on your upper knobs- so pretty. I tried to get a fun knob in one spot in my kitchen but it got nixed by the testosterone crew.
Now to make you laugh, my younger son thinks your name is Obi-Wan Kenobi, because if you say OB2B fast it sort of sounds like that!

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So sorry for the loss of your mother.

Wonderful job on the kitchen! I really like many of the details - the tiled interior on the cabinet for cutting boards & paper towel, the knobs on your uppers, the light over the island. Of course the backsplash is fantastic.

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oldbat--I, too, am so sorry to hear about your mom. I can't imagine going through a remodel and be faced with that as well. Talk about stressful. She must have helped you along the way...:) And you made it!

Your kitchen is wonderful! So spacious and clean and warm all at the same time. I am always so impressed with the DIYers around here. I love your stools, backsplash, skylight, windows and your pantry....I could go on. All of it!

I remember a thread discussing what you would do around your window. What did you decide? I think it looks great AS IS. The view is the STAR there. ENJOY!

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Looks great !! Thanks for showing. You are right when you say that taking your time allows you to add and rethink things as you go. We didn't DIY but I had time enough due to delays etc to change and rearrange things. The whole space just makes me smile. Enjoy ! c

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BTW--Did I say that I love love love your tile? The brown is rich, like milk chocolate. The overall effect is of lace. It truly is special and unique. I remember the thread deciding on this and am so glad you were brave enough to GO FOR IT! It really is perfect...

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Such a beautiful job, you and DH should be proud of your hard work. LOVE the pretty tile in the paper towel/cutting board nook. Awesome touch. Fire extinguisher... clever hidey hole and a good reminder to all. Backsplash tile... voted for it and love it! Triple pull outs, how nice and handy is that?

Laundry room. Unfair to me :( (j/k, well mostly) Slightly green with envy here. In the words of Napoleon Dynamite: "LUH-KEY"

It's so lovely. And condolences on your Mom's passing. I miss my Mom, too, esp. when I'm in the kitchen as she was such a good cook that I naturally think of her there.

No doubt you're enjoying already! Have fun in there!

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Your house is so cute and the new kitchen is just beautiful!

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I've enjoyed following your remodel over the months. It came out beautifully, and must be a joy to work in compared to your old kitchen. I still can't believe how close your backsplash came out to your photocopied mock-up. It is a stunner.

Your old porch was adorable, but what you gained was well worth its loss.

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OldBat - Wow - I have been following your reno ever for so long - it is great to see it all together! One quick question - I forget what lights you put on the outside of your house.

I love everything about your kitchen - the large island, the compost and recycle center(I wanted one but just not enough counter space to do it :-(
Love you backsplash and of course your "jewels" - your cabinet hardware.

Love your new "tools" - I am sure you saw my little bins to organize the drawer (compliments of Grumpy Dave). If you feel motivated - it really does help - my drawers always were a mess and now everyone thinks I am super organized!
I followed GD advice and put common items together and then played with the bins until they matched the function - I have changed them a bit since my post - but that is what is great - I just keep tweaking them.

I am so sorry to hear about your mother. I lost my dad during the planning stages of the kitchen and was dealing with mom's medical problems during the reno - so hard. My dad is no longer struggling to breathe and is at peace. I am sure he was there to meet your mother when she joined him in heaven. God Bless you.

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natebear zone 10B

Yay! I've been waiting for your final reveal. Congratulations on a job well done. Love, love, love that backsplash! I might consider deeper counter tops as well. What depth did you choose for your uppers?

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I didn't realize you had fabricated the surround for your cooktop. What was your motivation and/or inspiration? I love it!

You have made a beautiful and original heart of the home. Of course I love your old kitchen now that I've seen it so thank you for giving us a peek and for giving it its due.

Is there anything more sobering than losing loved ones whilst reaching for a more perfect heart of the home? Bittersweet, with a heavy emphasis on the bitter. So sorry for your loss.

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OB2B - my sincere condolences on the death of your dear mother. I knew we had a kindred spirit! My mother was a bridge player and smoker, too! The morning I was born the bridge club stopped playing at 3 a.m. I made my arrival at 6 a.m. - baby #4.

Congratulations on a well-designed, functional and beautiful renovation. There are so many elements I love. Of course that backsplash is tops on my list! The paper towel and cutting board storage is perfect. Wish I had thought to include one in my kitchen. I especially like the tile in that area. It makes sense because we use wet hands to grab the paper towels.

Your house style is beautiful. There are many similar in my community. The renovation enhanced the beauty. And the mature trees! I would LOVE to have mature trees again. I am sitting in the living room looking at barren dirt sans the snow.

Congratulations dear GW friend! You did it and it is smashing!

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oldbat2be, so sorry for the loss of your mother. your kitchen is a wonderful dedication to her.

your kitchen is so lovely in a classic way, yet all of the finishes you chose make it fun and unique as well. i am totally in love with all of your tile choices and lighting especially. you and your DH did an incredible job! hope you enjoy many happy meals in it!

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Fabulous!! You have a great sense of style which shines through in all the lovely details.

Where to start? There is just so much to admire in your kitchen. I particularly love the backsplash ... btw did you post in the 'does your kitchen match your dog' thread, because your dog totally matches the backsplash. And I love love love that big island with the seating on both sides ... wow, just wow.

Also love that sink in the island, it's so cool and different. And your knobs, and your stainless rangetop surround, and your filing cabs, and your homemade spice holders, and ... well I could go on and on but you get the idea. And you certainly don't need to apologize for the cabinetry, it looks amazing!

Great reveal thread with the details you shared -- I always so enjoy looking in other people's drawers. :) Congratulations on your beautiful new space!!

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OB2B-wow - what a gorgeous space. So many details, tile, pulls, island seating, lighting - it looks finished to me and DIY that is awesome! What a fantastic place to cook and hang out. It is stylish and classy at the same time. Very very nice! Sorry your mother passed before you could share some kitchen time together. Hopefully you will make new memories making old recipes from your Mom.

The exterior renovation is very nice too. Great job on pulling all of that together. It truly is fantastic.


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Mick Mick


Seriously? DIY?!?

You have done a fabulous job. I love all of your choices.

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OB- your kitchen turned out so beautifully. I love everything about it. You bumped out your farmer's porch just like we did...isn't the new space amazing? Are your hockey boys being respectful of all the beautiful new finishes? It's hard for me to walk the line between taking care of our new space and being completely insane. Love your dog!! Is that a Turvuren?
Enjoy the fruits of all your very impressive labor!

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Beautiful! The backsplash is a wonderful focal unique! What a wonderful transformation. Kudos!

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You guys DIY'd this gorgeousness!! WOW! I had read so many of your posts and did not realize that your kitchen was not totally custom. You must be so proud for getting this done. I love the bold contrasts and really really love the cleverness.. The Solon composter (I am planning one based on your feedback). The 18" uppers and the 30" base, the door shelves for spices and small bottles.

Please do post close ups for your tapmaster and the hafele foot pedal.

Your DH deserves some special cooking of his choice in 2013.

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Love the Blanco compost bin. We are going with RAS or Hafele only because of the larger capacity but I like the Blanco one better. How are you able to fit a full trash bin on front of it though?

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Oldbat, I'm so sorry about the loss of your mom. Everything else is just stuff.

Your house is gorgeous and I love its wooded setting. I'd put up with any sort of kitchen to live in a location like that. However, your kitchen is spectacular and clearly a labor of love. I remember the thread about tiling the open space in your island. I think it looks fab.

Whenever I see your kitchen I will think of your dog chewing a bone on the counter. One must never take oneself too seriously. :)

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Your kitchen is just gorgeous. I followed your backsplash saga and worried that the tile would overwhelm, but it doesn't and it is fabulous. The color is perfect and it reminds me of a trip we took to Marrakesh, where the tiles are everywhere and so beautiful.

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I'm so glad I didn't miss your official "reveal"! That is one gorgeous kitchen. And I'm suffering from a serious case of laundry room envy.

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BEAUTIFUL, every last inch of your kitchen and laundry room! Congratulations to you and your DH.

Ok, I have to ask, how is a USB port used? I know I have them on my computer, but what do you do with one in your house? Do you run small electronics through the port?

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Oldbat2be, I've enjoyed seeing your posts along the way. Wow, what a transformation. There are so many features I admire in your kitchen. The bookshelves are one of my favorites.

I love that you dedicated this reveal to your mom. I believe she is smiling down on you and your new kitchen. I hope that you enjoy many years in your new warm, bright and wonderful space. Congrats!

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I had to add thank you for posting the new view of the front (I was also wondering about that, since I'm horrible with envisioning that sort of thing)
It looks amazing!Great job.

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Thanks dretutz, GenerosiTea, sas95, ilene-84, hobokenkitchen, gsciencechick, dee850, olivesmom

Springroz - we started planning mid 2010, started demo around Mother's Day 2011 and were finally ready for countertops in early December 2011. So... lived out of a temporary kitchen for almost 6 months.

Trailrunner, you're the best, thanks. Knowing you, anything that makes you smile, probably makes you cook, too :) (Keep posting those pictures and recipes, I love them).

Thanks ck_squared. Good luck with your remodel.

tea4all - I too love the pantry tile. Actually, love everything I've seen from Fireclay! I've added a few more pictures in the main thread too (lovely to be able to edit).

legallin, thanks!! We'll be watching for your posts :)

localeater - if you're ever in the area, definitely stop in, it's rarely dull here! Too funny about obi-wan (would that be OBWK?). Here's another shot of the star and cross tile; this is an 18" space. Fireclay, malt, debris series. I will probably either decoupage these outlets or redo them (plugmold at top since these outlets are rarely used). Another lesson learned too late...

annsch - I am planning on redoing the sink window trim (fairly easy) and am still searching for the right integrated refrigerator. I love the warmth in this one but actually really like the darkness (contrast) of the black I currently have. Maybe one day....

Traditional Kitchen design by Boston Kitchen And Bath K.Marshall Design Inc.

Hi deedles, we're very happy how the cutting board nook turned out. I'd been concerned it might clash with the quartz but it's fine.

cawaps - the old house did have a lot of charm but the new one is so much more functional.

a2gemini - thanks for remembering the lights (and for your help in finding them). They're Troy Old Town, love love love them. We put 3 up flanking the garage doors and an add'l two on a 10' fence post (didn't like the gooseneck option they offered for a lamp post).

Hi NATEBEAR, uppers are 18" deep. Great for storing big platters. (I haven't added vertical dividers yet, eventually).

More later - must feed little ones and then off to hockey.

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onedogedie - Regarding the SS surround, we just wanted a really large space around the cooktop which didn't need to be babied. I really like the SS as a countertop material.

motherof3sons - I loved the story of your mother playing bridge until 3 hours before your birth. We have a 100 acre woods behind us; it tickles me that I can still get lost.

taggie - haven't posted in the 'does your kitchen match your dog' thread, that might be fun to resurrect! (I don't think I had a backsplash when that came out). Thanks for your kind words.

secondhalf - doing the bump-out did transform the house. Neat to hear you did it too. At this point, no-one is particularly respectful, but things are holding up well (just lots of dings on the toe boards). The counter tops take lots of abuse without any staining or etching. Our dog is a long haired shepherd.

Autumn4, divastyle, GWlolo, wags848, fouramblues - thanks!!

olivertwist - I use the compost bin all the time, love the convenience. The trash can is 16" deep and is lower than the bottom of the bin. I originally had 3 tilt outs over these bins but after some thought we retrofitted a 12" drawer on the left most one. DH used 2 part epoxy to secure to right side of sink. He also built a shelf at the back of the cabinet to hold the detergent for the neverMT.

Here's from the side, looking towards the front of the cabinet:

linelle - too funny, I had a lot of fun sending that card out:)

sixtyohno - I too very much worried about the backsplash. In person, I am very pleased with the color. It's hard to photograph and I'm not so crazy about how it looks with my LED lighting (too yellowish). That, fortunately, we can eventually try to correct.

enduring - You can use the USB port to charge an ipod, ipad or other device. Handy at times but I don't encourage the family to use this as their regular charging station(s).

labbie - glad you like the bookshelves. I used to have shelves with bookends which were always falling over. I measured my deepest cookbooks to figure out the right depth.

    Bookmark   December 30, 2012 at 11:50AM
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Thanks so much for posting your reveal - I love these DIY threads. You and your hubby did a fabulous job. Your island looks very inviting, and so many clever touches throughout the whole kitchen. Congrats and enjoy your beautiful space.

    Bookmark   December 30, 2012 at 8:40PM
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This is a BEAUTIFUL kitchen. I love so much about it. Definitely lusting after your Kohler Karbon faucet--I begged for that but my DH wasn't sold on it. I still am :)

The pantry tile is perfection. Must look in to the Fireclay brand as I am totally in love and inspired by your tile choices. The pantry is so darned big I could call it a bedroom in my house!

I love the way the kitchen shows how thought out it is. From the compost bin to the recycling center and island outlets, it's an example of a well planned layout. So great!!

P.S. I picked the same Veraluz chandelier for a project I worked on. Everyone commented on it. I love that it's made from recycled materials!

    Bookmark   December 30, 2012 at 11:33PM
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Thanks for sharing your pictures of the front of the house as a reminder and I see you finally have snow! I like the 3 lights on your house plus the "post" light.

    Bookmark   December 31, 2012 at 9:32AM
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What a beauty, I love all the windows, both types of tile, everything. I'm sure your mom would have, too.
By the way, here are a couple of AC/USB outlets, one black, one brown:

    Bookmark   December 31, 2012 at 5:06PM
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Thank you so much for posting your pictures. Your kitchen is gorgeous. So glad to see some close-ups of Conestoga. And I definitely have a bad case of island lust now.

    Bookmark   December 31, 2012 at 8:13PM
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Thanks annkathyrn, MizLizzie, glad you liked!

firsthouse_mp - I definitely recognized the Varaluz in your recent remodel post, it is such a fun fixture. I'm looking forward to seeing your new kitchen take shape, you have such a talent for creating an original look.

a2gemini - yep, finally a couple of inches. Figuring out the 'post' light took a while but we like how it turned out.

iroll - thanks very much for the kind words and the links to the USB outlets. DH actually recessed the outlets we bought and even built a jig to carve out the shape (or something, details, details!), so I'm afraid I am going to have to stick to the actual model we put in vs. go to a new shape.

    Bookmark   January 2, 2013 at 3:34PM
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wow! This might be the best DIY kitchen I've ever seen. Absolutely beautiful finish choices -- I love, love, love the combo of the bold backsplash tile and that stunning light fixture over the island. I can tell that you really thought about every little thing in this kitchen and it shows. I'm bookmarking this to use your many good ideas for my next kitchen!

Your doggie is really adorable too!

    Bookmark   January 2, 2013 at 4:26PM
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Thanks pipdog, that means a lot coming from you. Love what I've seen of the renovation pictures of your home!

    Bookmark   January 3, 2013 at 8:50PM
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OB2B!! So sorry I was away when you posted your big reveal. That is "gaw-jus, dahling"! I really, really like it. And even though I have been following along, it is indeed amazing that it was DIY. It looks uber professional! Great going!!

    Bookmark   January 3, 2013 at 9:30PM
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OB2B- LOVE this kitchen!! Tile -Island DIYness Just cant get over it all.
Loved the first doorway pic with the sun shining thru.
LOve the outside of your house and the lamp post. I am considering the Troy lights too and have been trying to get my DH to 'see the light' thanks for posting the pic.
We miss our Moms everyday dont we? I know she loves your kitchen too.
From one DIY to another - you've done good girl!

    Bookmark   January 3, 2013 at 9:50PM
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Wow ... thank you for posting so many wonderful photos. I need to go back and really study these. That was a BIG project you did! It turned out amazing and is full of little details that make it so special.

    Bookmark   January 4, 2013 at 4:10PM
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So beautiful~ I especially love your large island. I am looking for an island to seat at least 6, so it was nice to see a large, non linear island. Love the backsplash tiles too.

    Bookmark   January 4, 2013 at 4:45PM
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Hi angie_diy, thanks so much!! How goes your decision making? Ready for a new thread? I'm up for it :)

ppbenn - Thanks! It took me months to pick out the lights but I smile every time I look at them. Love 'em! I'm linking below to my thread which has some other pictures of them.

Hi wi-sailorgirl, yes it was such a big project. Not only the kitchen/pantry, but we also had to make decisions like: new front door, new windows, new roof, new house paint color....

Kitten1313 - seating for 5 works well. I like the square shape but originally wanted pendants and realized that a single light looked better over the island than multiple pendants. Good luck with your new island (remodel?).

Here is a link that might be useful: Troy Outside Lighting thread

    Bookmark   January 6, 2013 at 5:59PM
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Oldbat:so sorry you lost your Mom during the renovation.

Everything you did turned out beautiful. I'm so glad the renovation worked out so well, it really is lovely. I can't pick out one thing I love, too many choices here !!!

    Bookmark   January 7, 2013 at 9:08AM
Thank you for reporting this comment. Undo

Lovely work. The only thing that strikes me a unfinished is the refrigerator. It looks a little lonely being the only non-stainless appliance and having its side exposed like that to the sink area. I'd have wanted that to have its own cabinet built around it so the side was covered and the top had closed storage that wouldn't be a dust and clutter attractor. It's just too beautiful a kitchen to leave that last finishing detail out.


This post was edited by Jfay on Mon, Jan 7, 13 at 9:41

    Bookmark   January 7, 2013 at 9:36AM
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Love it, love it!

I agree with Jfay though, the fridge does stand out a little.

    Bookmark   January 7, 2013 at 10:51AM
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Oldbat, we are wearing you out with questions. But can you kindly explain your prep sink and recycling area. Specifically, what is the circular thing and what does it do? And what is the drain in your sink? Does that catch debris then drop it into your compose?

Many thanks. This is all new to me!

    Bookmark   January 11, 2013 at 1:24PM
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Debbi Branka

Oldbat, I'm so sorry about your mom.

Your kitchen is amazing! OMGosh! It's beautiful! I love everything in there! And I love the new front of your house outside. You guys did an awesome job!

Tell me, what is a pink thermapen?

    Bookmark   January 11, 2013 at 2:39PM
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JFay, LisaSE, you are right on track,the sink/fridge wall irks me. Definitely a future thread!

MizLizzie, the composter is one of my favorite things in the kitchen. It's an inset composter:

Deb52899, thanks! The pink thermapen is a great new gadget, linked below. Works beautifully! (search for pricing, this is just default amazon)

Here is a link that might be useful: Amazon thermapen

    Bookmark   January 14, 2013 at 9:16PM
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Love the composter. Would love to have a covered chute like that for recycling. Something to just pop cans and bottles into. Wonder if such a thing exists? Anyhoo, very nice!

    Bookmark   January 15, 2013 at 12:22PM
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Your kitchen is gorgeous! I love all the space and conveniences. So well thought out. I did feel a little sad when I saw the equipment tearing off the front of your pretty home, but then I saw how you redid that and it's even better. Well done!

    Bookmark   January 15, 2013 at 2:41PM
Thank you for reporting this comment. Undo

Belatedly, thanks marti8a, MizLizzie. I had a request for an update so here goes....

We have moved away from the sink wall redesign for the time being and are working on the pantry (dry goods storage portion).

We're slowly making progress on vertical storage. We bought two sets of the Omega Tra-Sta organizers but DH says that he could have easily made these himself. Here's the upper oven cabinets (love this space now):

And in the pantry corner cabinet, which is fairly deep, we maximized space by measuring what we wanted to store and mounting the vertical slats to the required measurements.

I'm not sure what we'll do with the upper portion of this cabinet, perhaps keep for tall vases (um, when I get around to buying any...). I'm currently trying to figure out the best place to keep heavy serving bowls.

    Bookmark   March 17, 2013 at 10:06AM
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Oh, there it is. My favorite tile in one of my favorite spaces!
I wonder if I will ever get to use it? I love your house. Thank you for the update.

    Bookmark   March 17, 2013 at 10:21AM
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Hi Oldbat do you have a closeup of your cooktop stainless steel surround...does that also run behind the rangetop? Do you have the dimensions that used with the 48" CC. Your kitchen came out amazing.

    Bookmark   March 17, 2013 at 12:55PM
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Hi localeater - shoot me an email next time you are planning to be in the area, would love to have you stop in for a look and a bite.

rikerk - Yes, the SS surround runs behind the rangetop, and we also have another surround around the hood sump/capture area.

Rough dimensions are 34" from front to back, 10" on both sides, and 9.5" in the back.

This shows a little of the inside of the hood.

    Bookmark   March 17, 2013 at 1:52PM
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Wow, I'm just seeing this. Absolutely awesome in soooo many ways. In your initial post, you mentioned the price of your cabinets. What a GREAT value for such a beautiful kitchen! Does that include the pantry cabinetry as well?

We are building a house and I'm in the midst of deciding on cabinetry.... I want a high-end look with a low-end budget, which is EXACTLY what you have created. Bravo!

    Bookmark   April 3, 2013 at 12:52PM
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Carsonheim - yes, price did include the pantry cabinetry as well. Using the RTA cabinetry allowed us to splurge in other areas. Thanks and good luck with your rebuild.

    Bookmark   April 3, 2013 at 1:32PM
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Holly- Kay

So very sorry to hear that your dear mom never saw the completion of your kitchen here on this earth but know that she is happily smiling down on you from heaven. I agree with Bee, your mom will wink at you from time to time. I lost my dearest friend, my mother, nine years ago. I miss her dearly but she still sends me a wink from time to time.

Your kitchen is absolutely gorgeous. I love your home, it is so very charming. I lam so fond of a one story home especially as I get older. Our main home is two stories and more steps than I care for. Our other home is a one story that I love. Unfortunately hubby has to have garages and has two huge garages at our country home and there is no room for additional garage space in our other house.

I will definitely return to this post over and over again for inspiration. I can't imagine a lovelier addition. Best of luck to you and your DH!!!

    Bookmark   April 3, 2013 at 3:57PM
Thank you for reporting this comment. Undo

Your kitchen is gorgeous! I have been doing a lot of research on RTA cabinets as I'm in the planning stages of building our home, and I think your posting just sold me on Conestoga (and thecabinetjoint).

I love the built in paper towel holder.

And my husband is a firefighter so I can't wait to show him the fire extinguisher niche. :)

Thanks for taking the time to post your pictures and share with those of us who are newbies trying to make sense of all the options out there!

    Bookmark   May 19, 2013 at 2:22PM
Thank you for reporting this comment. Undo

I don't know how I missed this, but I'm glad it got bumped up. I guess Conestoga is something I might want to look into, too. Did they sell the crown and light trim to go with it, or did you have to paint it to match? If so, you matched perfectly...

Are they frameless? They almost look like it.

So many beautiful details in this kitchen. I just love it. What did you ever decide about the fridge?

    Bookmark   May 19, 2013 at 2:53PM
Thank you for reporting this comment. Undo

Wow! Love all the details. Thanks for sharing so poor slobs like me can salivate and get motivated! DIY? Double WOW!

    Bookmark   September 28, 2013 at 10:14AM
Thank you for reporting this comment. Undo
Holly- Kay

Ooh OB, I have to say again how much I love your beautiful home! I can't wait to see your lr redone!

    Bookmark   September 28, 2013 at 10:43AM
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