Do you have marble or white granite behind cooktop (backsplash)?

firstmmoDecember 13, 2009

Wondering if anyone with a marble or white granite cooktop backsplash (the wall behind your stovetop) has had any problems with the stove staining the marble/granite. I read some posts about a burner/griddle staining a SS backsplash. That surprised me--I thought those were indestructible! I had planned on only buying the 5" SS raised back that goes with my 48" range.....the rest of the way up the wall will be white granite underneath the hood. Will this stain???? Hard to clean??

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Really? No one with marble backsplash???

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Would like to hear more - my 48" Dacor range has a small stainless steel backsplash that is removable. I was planning on taking it out and using only marble tile for the backsplash for a cleaner and more streamlined look to have an even backsplash line behind the counters and range. Could you send any info/reference on the staining (or I will continue to monitor this thread)?

Also, it may be helpful to post a question specifically on staining of a backsplash to see if that is the case... I am also wondering b/c w/ a white backsplash and white grout, I'm wondering if the white grout (as well as tile) will stain.

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We have a full marble (slab) backsplash and thus far (it's been 19 months) not a single problem -- no staining / etching (as far as I can tell). My partner is a high-heat cooker (stir-fry) and total slob -- splatters everywhere, and nothing, even including tomato sauce bubbling / splattering -- no stains. (I did have a tomato stain on the marble countertop but it disappeared.) I made latkes the other night (so this time it was me being the messy cook) and all I ever do is occasionally wipe the backsplash down with my dish sponge / dish soap to get all the greasy gunge off. When it was installed it was thoroughly sealed (the installers sealed it and then so did I), and then I may have sealed it once again since then.

For us it's proven to be a totally resilient surface and I have to tell you I LOVE having a solid surface to wipe down (as opposed to tiles with grout lines)!

Good luck with your project.

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Thanks rm...that's good news for me since we are going with a slab backsplash too. I have been following the thread about the SS backsplash wondering if if that would be a more durable material, but glad to hear yours is fine!

Still wondering if I should opt for the 5" back rim like this, to protect the marble/granite:

From [Misc photos](

....was hoping the whole thing would be flush to the counter with no detachable SS backsplash:

From [Misc photos](
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HI firsthouse!

Well, we have Thassos marble tile backsplash over our slab marble countertops (Calacatta Classic). Interestingly enough, I just noticed some yellowing above the range. We have ss utensils hung there and I took them down one day and notice there is some slight yellowing, not noticeable until the utensils aren't there, but it has yellowed. On closer inspection, it appears to be yellowing of the sealer, so it's more likely heat generated as the splatters wipe right off. We have a Wolf range with the 5 or 6" backsplash that you show above and it doesn't appear to make a difference. Although, it has some "heat" stain marks as well, they come right off with oven cleaner - something I wouldn't do to my Thassos. I guess we'll be cleaning the sealer off in the new year and using something different, probably 511 Porous Plus like rmkitchen or the Stone Tech impregnator we have on the slabs. Lesson learned.

Good luck to you !

And, on another note "Hi Brooke!"

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We don't have the guard (we have the island trim) and I went to carefully and under bright light look at the backsplash specifically in back of the cooktop and I cannot see any discoloration. I saw some leftover grease but that's a different story ....

old picture because our kitchen hasn't looked this tidy / unlived in since it was done!

While I was at it I looked at all the backsplash, even where stainless objects are up against it (like the toaster) and still can't see anything. I know my eyesight is fine (I was wearing my 40 year-old glasses while looking!), so this is v. interesting to me.

firsthouse_mp -- you have got to check out mindimoo's kitchen -- it is insanely gorgeous! That marble makes me drool ....

And I am so happy that when I should check back in on GW that sweet, generous mindimoo is here too!

firsthouse_mp -- are those your inspiration pictures? They're yummy!

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Hrmph! I can't find mindimoo's kitchen pics because of the lost pages at the moment. Will have to keep checking back! Thanks Mindi for replying and giving us some feedback about the sealer yellowing.....good data point for me!

rm: I have your kitchen as one of my favs! Yes, those two pictures are in my inspiration file--the first one especially. My new kitchen will have some traces of the picture, and will be white on white like yours. I didn't end up with the open shelving though as my DH was not convinced about this--he feels like anything left out will get too dirty. Can you tell we're a bit obsessive??? White counters, white cabs, weirdoes about leaving things out to get dusty? Oh my! We should live in a bubble LOL!

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I have a calacatta marble backsplash with no staining either. I don't baby it and use my 6 burner gas all the time for a family of 7. I seal it every 6-8 months and so far ZERO issues. Wouldn't change a THING!! HTH!!

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OOOH lagrant, another one of my fav kitchens! So glad to hear that the backsplash and grout is unstained!

I'm definitely a follower of all your gorgeous kitchens!...and now I'm convinced my backsplash is going to be fine. Thanks everyone!

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to firsthouse: i am about to remodel my kitchen. i have been reading about white granite and was especially interested in your selection of white princess granite. did you use this yet? do you have pictures of your kitchen posted yet? i live in south florida. only found white princess in one place but the largest slab is 8 1/2 feet long and i need at least 9 feet for my island. would love to hear your feedback on the granite!!!! thanks

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we had a carrera subway tile backsplash. no problems AFTER we sealed it. the stone was polished so that was fine but we didn't know to seal the grout and some oil got on it and made some stains in the stone but some ammonia poultices helped a lot. after sealing grout, not a single problem.

Here is a link that might be useful: kitchen backsplash

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Deb: I still have 6 slabs sitting with my fabricator....we are about 4 months from install. Cabinets haven't even been ordered yet, but I am close. Wish I could show you some pics! I plan on having my island, perimeters and backsplash out of the slabs. I too had to reduce my island down because the largest usable slab I have for the island is 103in wide, and with my 2.5" square edges, I needed my cabinets smaller than I had originally planned (otherwise I would have had to use two slabs and have a seam).

Good luck to you--you will be done WAY before me! So, post your gorgeous pictures too when you get a chance!

Here is the island:

From [Granite](

Here's my kitchen--look for the blue tape on the ground near the garbage can....that's my "island" LOL!
From Menlo Farmhouse

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thanks for your feedback. i don't think i will be able to use the white princess granite as i am not finding it here other than a few slabs that are too small! also, unlike your slabs, they are charging $125 a foot! can you suggest anything else? my cabinets around the perimeter of the kitchen are white or glass and the island is a darker wood. so frustrating!!! also, did you test the white princess for all the problems that marble would have caused?

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by the way, i love your space. it's going to be fantastic when it's done!!!

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Deb: $125 per foot!!! Oh my! That's almost twice as much as I paid (prefabricated, I paid $40.38/sq ft).

I did some testing and while it did MUCH better than the marble, there was some staining (not etching) on my pre-sealed sample when I had a few food stains that sat for 24+ hrs. My fabricator claims that sealing the granite should take care of the light staining that I saw, so I am trusting him. I actually don't care that much if I have some "lived in" looked. I have lived with marble so I know what that feels like, I am just hoping to defer some of that permanent etching that we had.

If you have white cabinets and a wood island, I might actually think about the Caesarstone if you can't find the white princess. I was pleasantly surprised to see a showroom by Christopher Peacock that was done in the Caesarstone that looks like marble and it was REALLY pretty. I would never have believed it unless I saw it myself. Wish I could have taken pics but they wouldn't let me!

The other option I love is concrete! Might be too un-traditional for your style, but I really like the counters in my friend's house and they are very light gray--and very easy to take of! Despite what some people say, she has never had a staining problem. They have a gorgeous patina that is really pretty and I love them with the white counters.

Not her kitchen, but similar--look how pretty the concrete is! From Menlo Farmhouse

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mailfromdeb i went looking again! i actually came across several slabs of the white princess (sooo gorgeous). these slabs were larger than the previous slabs i found. they were 118" x 60". But these slabs were 2 cm thick and the others slabs were 3 cm. What width did you find and is there a certain width i should definitely try to find? i am trying to be more open minded about other light colors in case the white princess doesn't work out for me but it is almost impossible to find anything with white. all the granites that have the word white in their name really aren't even white- more like cream or light gray. crazy!! i don't mind the ceaserstone but my husband wasn't crazy about it. not sure he would go for the concrete either but i think it looks great too. again..thank you for your help. curious to hear your opinion on the width.

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My slabs are 6 consecutive slabs from one granite place here in Calif. They are 107 x 65. Not quite as large as I would have liked. My island was supposed to be 108 x 72 (9'x6'), but I reduced the cabinet to fit the slab, and my cabs are now 102 x 60.

The length ended up working out fairly well and I now have a 54" aisle on one end of the island--more than I would have wanted, but fine. The width I definitely compromised on. In the end deciding that a 5' wide island was big enough, I lopped off a whole foot on the width.

I too have 2cm and was unhappy with that. My contractor is going to add another piece of plywood under the granite for extra support, so I had to reduce my cabinet height by 5/8". To compensate for the measly thickness of the slab, I chose 2.5" mitred straight edges. The additional slabs were necessary for the edging of my island counter, as I will need to have the hidden edges come from these other slabs. None of the slabs is big enough to do both the island and the edges! Whew, the compromises I have made just because DH does not like marble!!!

Regarding color--I agree with your white versus gray assessment. Even my slabs are not really majority white as marble is. But because I have white cabinets, I am fine with more of a gray tone. This is indoor lighting:
From Menlo Farmhouse

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i finally made a decision and i am going with the princess white!! i was wondering what backsplash you (fisthouse) are considering? also, what color cabinets are you putting in. if white, what color? thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Deb (or anyone else who can help!)- I live in Florida and am searching everywhere for White Princess. How did you go about finding it??? Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. The only place I have found it is in California (and I can't afford to crate it and ship it like they suggested). Thanks!

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