Can I achieve this look? Feedback needed!

BlackChamoisDecember 3, 2012

Hi friends!

Cabinets are partially in and I need to start narrowing down my backsplash choices.

So here is what I've got so far:
White cabinets with shaker style doors
Raven (Caesarstone) counters
SS appliances, knobs, pulls
Chrome faucet

Pic #1 is my inspiration picture, mainly in terms of the color scheme. I also love the dark chandy and other iron touches. However, this kitchen does not have a tile bs, where as I will. In fact I will have very little "painted" wall. The majority will be covered with bs tile.

Pic #2 in the next post is what I am considering for bs. I love the color and although typically I am not a huge fan of glass, I like it in this photo.

So my first question is ... what do you think? Can I achieve a similar "feel" as in pic #1 with the elements I've picked thus far and a tile such as this?

My other question is that along with my kitchen remodel, I am updating my fireplace. I had a new mantel built and now I need to tile the face. I will be using a brown limestone called Teakwood, but I can't decide on the size of the tile for the face. My "inspiration" fireplace (post #3) uses a 1x2.

The kitchen, dining area, living room and fireplace are in close proximity to one another (I live in a small condo). Will this be too much "mini" tile going on if I were to use a 1x2 for both bs and fp? The other option that I am considering for the fireplace is the same stone but in a 3x6 (see link). Would this better?

I am really stuck on this one as I feel one selection will drive the other (i.e. if I use a mini for the bs, then I shouldn't use mini for the fp. If I use a 3x6 for the fp, then I shouldn't use it for the bs ... etc.)

Thanks for your guidance!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Teakwood in 3x6

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The glass mini brick ...

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And the inspiration fireplace ...

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IMHO, no. In pic one, nothing is shiny, everything is flat.

In pic 2, the B/S is shiny iridescent.

I love your Pic 1 --- totally my thing. But I think pic2 would seriously alter its mood.

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mtnrdredux - Thanks for that observation! I do need a backsplash. What tipe of tile would you recommend? Porcelain? Matte finish? Is there a marble that is not too expensive in the tan/taupe family? At one time I had wanted a calacutta bs, but it was for a different counter. I don't want carerra mainly because I would like something in the warmer/tan/taupe tones.


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I agree that the shiny/iridescent glass backsplash is not really consistent with picture #1. I think that a matte porcelain tile would probably be your best bet, maybe in a light taupe? I'm having trouble envisioning how that would look with the Raven, though, so I imagine you'll want to play around with some samples. I am in the process of redoing my kitchen with white shaker cabinets and raven counters, so I was intrigued by your question. I think we are going for a more modern look with cooler colors. I'm including a link with pictures of the backsplash we are considering; the other leading contender is white glass subway tiles. I like the backsplash in picture #2, just don't think it's really consistent with pics 1 and 3.

Here is a link that might be useful: gray mosaic backsplash

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erhm - Thanks for the feedback. I will see what I can find in matte. And a light taupe is the color I am going for. I am not a fan of the shiny black counters in pic #2. One of the reason I wanted to go with the Raven was because I felt it has a "softer" look to it, being dark gray vs. black. Somewhat reminds me of soapstone maybe. I guess I could have it honed, but really not sure about that.

I do have a sample of some 1x2 glass tile in light taupe color that I have been holding up against my small raven sample, and I think it looks nice. I will try to get a good photo of it to share here and maybe that would help.

I am open to suggestions! Thank you!!!

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The tones in the first pic are significantly warmer and pinker, while the second pic is also cooler and greener. Something else to watch out for.

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Who says you need a backsplash -- your inspiration pic doesn't have one. They have a strip of molding, marble perhaps. And then paint. And then framed prints.

You need paint and some framed prints (all far less costly then a good b/s and easy to change or update).

Go for it. Be different

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