Can my cabinets hold weight of cast iron sink?

Brandywine72December 18, 2013

We had to dismantle our kitchen for foundation work and are now reassembling it. With the new configuration we were able to reuse most of the cabinets installed by previous owners, but not the countertops and sink. The cabinets are a pretty low end, made in China, shaker style. How do I know if they will be strong enough to hold the weight of a new enamel cast iron sink?

The previous countertops were granite. If the cabinets held granite with a stainless steel sink, will they be strong enough to hold wood counters with an enamel cast iron sink? We like the look of such a sink as it fit more with the old character of our house and we are trying to down play all the stainless steel look of the kitchen.

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Yes, in any configuration.

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Define low end. Get out your tape measure. How thick is the face frame? Sides? What type of internal bracing do the cabinets have? How thick is the back? How is it joined to the sides? Do you have pics you can post? I've seen some cabinets that could support granite short term, but would slowly buckle over time. Add in a cast iron sink full of water and it could be a much quicker disaster.

I have to ask, with you essentially remaking the whole kitchen here, why wouldn't you take the opportunity to use materials that would last the long haul? Get better quality cabinets?

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Your cabinets will be fine.

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