Boos Kitchen Cart

a2geminiDecember 11, 2012

I was baking cookies tonight and pulled over my old plastic kitchen cart to use as my "island". So, I did some hunting for a better kitchen cart and found the Boos carts and I am in love.
Does anyone have one and do you like it?
PS DH likes it also - or maybe it is the cookies that popped out!

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I've had two Boos carts in the last few years -- they're very well made and I definitely give them a hearty recommendation.

Because I'm also pretty thrifty, I have to point you to Craigslist, where I've bought my last two Boos carts. Both were being sold for a fraction (one 1/10th, the other 1/5th) of their MSRP and both had only been used as microwave stands. If you're in the market for one, and in an active CL area, it'd be worth it to browse the ads first.

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I am keeping an eye on CL. So far nothing exciting. There is one posted but not the right model but will be heading to chit own without DH after NY so better saturation!
Maybe Santa brought someone a new one.

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I happened to see a boos cart at Home Goods recently....only 1, I forget the price, but I initially walked right by it, they were using it for display could hardly tell it was there!

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Oh Dahling, a Boos cart sounds downright delicious.

Ok, can you tell I've been watching Million Dollar Decorators?

But I was going to say the same thing about Home Goods. When I spotted one there one day my head did one of those double takes that generates a cute little sound in a cartoon.

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Bee-- that picture is exactly how I felt when I saw the Boos cart at Home Goods!! HaHa!

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beachlily z9a

I've had a Boos block cart for a number of years. We bought it at WS. We walked in one day and they were selling display carts for a good price. It works great in my little kitchen. It keeps the mixer, fp, and breadmaker ready for use. Just have to oil it a couple times a year.

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Love a Boos cart. I have a butcher block top cart, made by JD Brauner, a NY company, I don't think they make them anymore. I have had it for 21 years. It is always in use, in the kitchen in some houses, in the laundry in others, for a while it was in my husband's darkroom, during the latest remodel it was my kitchen, and when the remodel is done, it will either return to the basement where it gets used for whatever project the kids are doing, or to the office as a printer stand.
You will never regret the purchase, your kids will eventually fight over it when you are gone- LOL.

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I have two -- one found on CL and another, a culi-cart, that a friend who was moving gave to me because it didn't fit the style of her new kitchen.
Strong second or third on CL. That one wasn't free, but it was about $250 for a 36 inch cart with drawers.

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have you ever heard of Joss & Main? they have a collection (ending soon), with a bunch of beautiful carts they don't disclose most brands, so i don't know if ant are boos, but you may want to check them out. they change stuff at 8 am pst, so it could be ending in a little over an hour.

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Love my Boos it for $60 in a consignment store for my old kitchen. Love it so much, moved it to the cabana room to use on the patio/with the grill. Can't give it up!

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. . .if you don't find a Boos, you might consider a stainless steel work table from a kitchen supply house. They come in several sizes and are practically maintenance free!

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Thanks - love the cartoon!
There is one on CL right now - not exactly the model I was visualizing but decent price.
I will check out Josh & Main
I know I don't want a SS cart - too much like the hospital carts!!!

The most important requirements are - not too big and on wheels.

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