This is the kitchen layout song that never ends...

missZDecember 2, 2012

Hi all,

So, I posted a first draft of my layout about a month ago. I got some good suggestions but then ended up questioning my entire plan based on some possible future bathroom renovation that wasn't even in the cards previously. I've now come full circle and I'm back to a plan that is similar to my first one! Argggg....

Here are some things I learned:
- I'd really like to be able to put some kind of banquette seating in that lower right corner. The windows are big and low there and it would be a really great use of that space.
- Planning for a desk (that we have a need for now) is more important than planning for a bathroom renovation that may never happen.
- I had hoped to have a longer island, but when it runs in front of the door to outside it's a bit tight.

Thoughts on this plan? Alternatives that don't block the door to outside, or leave empty dead zones? I'm driving myself crazy!!

Thanks in advance! My husband is now convinced I'm nuts because every two days I declare "I have the plan!" and then see all its faults two days later...

Here is a link that might be useful: Previous layout thread, with many attempts and pictures

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"I have the plan!" Hahahahaha. That sounds familiar. I think I said that about 90 times. Do you know when I knew I had the plan? I was able to stop thinking about it. Oh, still the tweaks and fine tuning, but I was able to stop moving things and trying things...

You'll get there!

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the subject of desks in kitchens is deserving of a thread on it's own. Anyway, put the desk and the pantry on the left wall-pantry in the lower spot.Place fridge, range and sink on the long wall and island-your work triangle.Probably expand the island to a little bigger size[sink spot?] The space reads long wall kitchen-play it up-removal of desk and pantry gives you huge aesthetic enhancement with long counter runs/backsplash/etc which will be nicer for those seated at banquette to look at vs. pantry and desk.

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Any chance you could swap the single window and the door? Then the traffic pattern would completely bypass your workspace and you can make the island at least a foot longer. Apologies if you addressed this earlier; I only skimmed your attached thread. Just trying to think outside the box...

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Not a layout expert, but would suggest that you do the desk at counter height, then can serve double duty for extra counter space, serving space etc. Much better use of real estate.

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P.S. My suggestion keeps traffic patterns out of workspace only if you put desk and pantry where herbflavor suggests, and hers is a very good idea IMHO.

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No layout suggestions...but wanted to thank you for the earworm. (Younger of my two boys LOVED "Lambchop's Playalong.")

Seriously--reminded me of when he was 3 and adorable. ;^)

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Great suggestions! Here is my revised plan. I've put a bank of drawers next to the fridge, and we could store our coffee maker and toaster oven there (a sort of mini coffee station), freeing up valuable counter space around the sink and stove. This also keeps the island centred more or less on the sink/oven area, which is good.

- I'm a little nervous about the aisles around the island, it gets a little tight near the post at the bottom. We'd like to lay down electric heating in the floor... I guess I can't do that until we've 100% decided where an island is going? Or, we go with a movable cart style?

Fouramblues, I like your suggestion, but the removal of a load bearing pantry and stone floor demo is killing our budget... no room left for window/door movement!

mjsee, sorry about the earworm! :)

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Here is an elevation of what I'm thinking in terms of storage. I'd like mostly open shelves but some closed to hide our mismatched mugs! :)

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I would be tempted to swap the sink/dw/trash with the stove area. Just looking from how I cook. I take stuff out of fridge and put near the sink and trash, prep, and then cook. Also water would be closer to the coffee station. Long walk otherwise back and forth. Also if moving it all in the same order you have it now trash/sink/dw would allow you to have somebody load the dishwasher while somebody else is prepping as the dw will open into the space where the island is or between sink and stove.

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I agree with lyfia. The space would function for me much better with a DW/trash and range swap. (I'd want the two 30" drawer banks to move with the range.) That would also put the DW closer to the table, where the dishes come from after eating.

Your elevation is aesthetically pleasing to me. Love the coffee area and open shelves.

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you could put the dishwasher to the left of sink...stuff comes thru from the hallway dining area...lands there on the end anyway....the dishwasher would be right there.At the stove location,the island ends so people can easily pass behind the cook...I'd like that.You probably could re-arrange stuff on the long wall,but looking hard at how you've done it,I think this really works.It's a really long desk-couldn't you put mr coffee on the far right end of it as well? you have options for dual duty with the right side of desk run. Boy it'll be fun when you get to colors and counters/etc with this style kitchen...I'd be really excited if it were mine to do....your plan suits the're getting a lot out of the sq footage!

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Agreeing with Lydia and Four... Long walk from fridge to sink. Also, I don't know how the island would serve you in that location. It's not a convenient work space for most prep tasks. The swap would address both issues.

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Hmm, that's three votes for swapping the sink and the range. I see what you're all saying, but do you think this would make the sink and the dishwasher a very long walk from the dining room/living room? Having trouble convincing the hubby of this idea!

Rhome, I would have thought that most prep tasks would happen close to the sink - am I wrong? Where is the best location for most prep tasks?

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Only you and DH know what works best for the way you want to use the space. I missed the fact that the dining room is off the upper left, and thought the banquette was the main eating area. But if it were my kitchen I'd still want to do the swap. I'd rather have the inconvenience of a long trek to DW after each meal rather than a long trek from refrige to sink throughout meal prep. I'm not great about getting everything I need out of the refrige at the start of meal prep, though.

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Most prep tasks take place between sink and stove. But you want an easy move to the stove with chopped veggies, etc. and since it's not in much of a relationship to the stove, that island location doesn't seem as convenient or efficient as it might be. I just think you'll end up at the counter, partially over the dishwasher instead of prepping at the island in this plan.

If you swap, the dw won't be behind the island, but the stove will, and that makes more sense to me.

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