please approve my kitchen !

kassikoloDecember 19, 2012

So this is my final kitchen sketch before it goes for final drafting what are your thoughts?
The kitchen is 12x12 and the island is 6x4...Is the kitchen not too small?

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That leaves what..a 2' walkway on either side of the island? I'd probably hesitate with any less than 3, if not just for roomy reasons but for accessibility should you at any point need help getting around be it crutches, walker, or wheelchair. I'm shooting for 3'6" walkway around my island but if you want an island that may have to compromise.

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That can't be right.

12 foot kitchen - 2 foot perimeter counter (excluding countertop)= 10 feet-6 foot island (excluding countertop) leaves a bit less than 4 feet total to be divided as aisle on each side of the island. That's not feasible. The kitchen would have to be at LEAST 14'4-1/2" to carry the 6' length of the island with the minimum 3 foot aisle on each side.

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Six feet on the island means you have (at best) the two aisles at each end will have to share 48". And that doesn't take into account the the 4-6 inches you're going to loose as overhangs of the three counter edges.

The math works like this: 12 feet minus 6 minus 2 feet (for the one counter run) minus (at the least) three times 1.5 inches (counter overhang), divided by 2 (aisles) or (144"-72")- 24" -4.5" /2 = 21.75" per aisle.

I'd definitely be rethinking that as it would work out to @21-22 inches apiece. For comparison a typical piece of paper is 8 by 11, so imagine working in a kitchen with an aisle space equal to two sheets of paper laid end to end. The only good thing is you can skip paying for full-extension drawer sliders as the aisle will be too narrow to pull them out anyway.

Trim your island's long dimension by a full foot and then you've got sill got less than 30", which is very tight, but perhaps, doable.

Can't see the rest of your design layout as the pic is so small to see the details.

Perhaps you have measured the size of the room incorrrectly and you actually have more space to work with?



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the kitchen is 12' (that's the cabinets distance and then there is a 4'space where the arch to the powder room from wall to wall its 16'

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If I'm reading the plans correctly, you breakfast room is 12x12 as well (excluding the walkway for the exerior door).

If you think you need more storage, then you could extend the cabinets on the sink wall into the breakfast room a little bit more. I would perhaps put a hutch cabinet there.

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Reading kassikolo's post on the building forum, it looks like the kitchen is really 15x12. I think width-wise this would be 2' cabinet on left, 3-4' aisle,6.5' island leaving 3' on the other side for walkway.

Kassi - if this were my kitchen, I would consider placing 15-18" deep cabinets on the right as well (backing up to the pantry). You should have plenty of room under those stairs for a large pantry even if you give up 1-2 feet of width. The space under the stairs will be at 5' tall 7-8' from the first step. This leaves 8' of width for the pantry as drawn.

Adding a bank of cabinets, even if shallow will give you much more storage. Think coffee station, a place to display the pretty stuff in the kitchen, etc. You would not have to change the corner location between kitchen, dining and family room, you would just recess the cabinets back into the wall. I will be happy to draw a pic if this doesn't make sense.

I am having trouble figuring out the appliance placement. If you want to get more feedback, I suggest you post a "zoomed" or redrawn graphic of the kitchen area with specific measurements and appliance location.

In the breakfast nook, I would carefully consider placement of the window so if you wanted to put a piece of furniture or built in cabinetry on the left wall you could. Perhaps use two windows spread wide to allow space between, or use a higher transom window so you could place furniture below it.

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Momto3kiddos, if you could draw a quick sketch of what you would do, i would really appreciate it..i think i know what you are talking about but i am not sure..You say my pantry will be only 5' tall? is it not too small?
How would you organize the furniture in the dining? I think it will be 13x13 I dont have appliance measurements yet...
thank you for the help

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I might suggest that instead of relying on folks to check your dimensions, you consider monkeying around with either a planning software or even just some graph paper and decide for yourself how the kitchen size is for your needs, if you havn't already that is. Sweethome3d is a freebie one I used to get me started and did the job rather well.

Definitely don't rely on your designer/drafter to tell you it'll be too small, I'm finding that some just do what they're told >

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You can print graph paper for free from many sites - just google it. Layout the dimensions (1 sq = 6" or 1 sq = 12") and place your appliances, island, aisles in it and you will see very clearly what you've got. I have drawn up many for myself and it really helps to see it that way. It's also easier to get help from others so they can clearly see what you are working with.

Place your dimensions one one and make copies - saves time when making different versions.

Good luck.

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