Backsplash ideas and faucet recommendations

katy-louDecember 18, 2012

Hello. I'm new to the forums and we are in the midst of an unplanned kitchen remodel. We've chosen santa Rita Venata soap stone countertops, carved soapstone sink, cherry cabinets, and will have windows with soapstone sils above the range and sink. We were going to have soapstone backslashes behind the range and sink dovetailing into the sils, but what about elsewhere? Height from sink/range to windows is 8".

Second question. Just started looking at waterstone faucets. Do the pull outs work well? Does anyone have a gantry? Is it huge?

This is finally starting to feel real - has been on going since summer! Finally have insulation and plaster starting tomorrow!


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I think standard backsplash height is 4". I have a Moen pullout faucet which I do like. It's much easier to rinse large objects with a pullout.

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Suggestions for backsplash material? Soapstone or something else?

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Not sure, do you have pics of the materials you have chosen?

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I have soapstone in a somewhat modern setting with large format glass tile. Yours sounds somewhat craftsman like. How about square ceramic tile?

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Dh is oiling up the wood and soapstone samples. I'll post pics soon The house is a 1920 craftsman We had a dishwasher leak, and one thing has lead to another- has ended up with us taking up four layers of flooring, finding the original hardwoods underneather continuous boards to the living room, taking the walls down to their studs, reframing all walls, finding rotted sil plate and rim joists, excavating next to house and putting in french drain, replacing rim joists, new subfloor, pouring new driveway, new electrical service, gaining access to galvanized plumbing and replacing with copper, removing the dropped ceiling and raising up the support structure to accommodate the original height ceiling thoughout kitchen, and replumbing the radiators in the house. Been ongoing since August!

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Cherry cabinets, walnut table & built in benches (potentially), soapstone countertops, Doug fir trim to match rest of house, fir loewen windows

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Nice. I'm currently absolutely loving Motawi tile. I don't know if it'll work for you. I keep picking out really bold tile choices and then discovering that when you have a wall of them tht it's too much. There are some Craftsman designs where they put an occasional tulip here or there. And check out the Salmon Green Poppy border. It's lovely!

I've done a lot of Arts & Crafts research but I did abandon it as I said. I know that one day I will do the brick over in Arts & Crafts. It's perfect for that.

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