Which Ticor sink?

cigi_2010December 13, 2010

I want a SS 60/40 sink. I have looked at all the different Ticor sinks and sizes. Does anyone have a particular model number that you just love? That would help narrow my choices. I have a 36 inch cabinet base.

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I have the S105-8. Large bowl left/smaller bowl right. It's made to fit a 36 inch base cab. It's the closest to the Blancowave at a fraction of the cost. I went ahead and purchased the air-switch for the garbage disposal (delivered) and the wood cutting board (which is on backorder) and got the brushed rim finish.

So far, I'm loving it in the box. : )

~ Demo started 9 December.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ticor S105-8

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I have the S405D and think it's the best use of a 36" sink base. Because of the bowl sizes, it gives me the functionality of a double as well as a single.

Overall (exterior): 35-1/8" x 20-7/8"
Interior of Large Bowl: 21-3/8" x 18-3/4" x 9"
Interior of Small Bowl: 10-1/2" x 15-7/8" x 7"

The large bowl is wide enough (21-1/2") to fit my longest cookie sheet, all my pots & pans (including handles), all my refrigerator bins & shelves (except the 30"+ wide deli/meat tray), and a variety of items all at once.

The small bowl is large enough to fit my 8qt stock pot and all my colanders, but small enough to use to soak utensils or fill for small hand-washing jobs, if needed, w/o having to fill a full-size sink.

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Thank you both for the suggestions. I am going to check them out closer. I have seen the S105-8 but haven't seen the S405D. This definitely gives me a starting place. Thank you!!!

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I have been looking at these 2 sinks and other sizes, but it seems to come down to one of these two. The picts help a lot. Thanks again to both of you for making this so much easier. Pepper, I noticed you got the brushed rim finish. Does that just make it match the rest of the sink better? Are there +'s or -'s to either one?

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Discussing brushed v shiny with the GalaxyGuys...the brushed is the same finish that the bowl of the sink has. Which in my mind, will be easier to maintain and this was seconded by the GalaxyGuys.

They stated that some people like the shiny rim especially if the sink is mounted with a positive reveal - this is where the granite is cut slightly larger than the sink so a little bit of the sink rim shows.

I plan for a zero-reveal (no rim showing, granite edge is flush with the sink bowl)....but no over-hang by the granite (which would be a negative reveal).

Looking at Buehl's pics....I think she has a zero-reveal install for her sink.


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Definitely get the brushed rim. They didn't have that option when I ordered my sink in January 2008.

My sink was supposed to have a positive reveal, but I ended up with a mix of all three...negative in some places, zero in others, and positive in yet others. The fabricators couldn't seem to cut the sink cutout correctly to give me a consistent reveal. (One of the many issues I had with their fabrication and installation...but this was minor compared with the rest!)

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Is there any advantage to the D sink shape over the regular rectangle shape?

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Yes. With a "D" shaped sink you can have a deeper (front-to-back depth) sink than a rectangular sink b/c the faucet can go on the curve as it curves down.

With a rectangular sink, the sink cannot be as deep (front-to-back depth) as a "D" b/c there needs to be room behind it for the faucet.

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Thanks! I've been trying to figure that out for a while. I love your sink pictures. They really helped me to solidify what I wanted and confirmed that the sink I wanted would work well for me.

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Do you have a pic showing how your sink is centered in your window? Since the faucet gets mounted around the curve between the large and small bowl, is the sink itself centered or the faucet?

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The sink is centered on the window.

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Buehl, what kind of faucet and finish do you have? I like it a lot.

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It looks like a kohler Vinnata. What finish? Have you ever had any problems with it? Would you recommend it? I think I remember that the Vinnata is about 10 inches high. That seems like a good height without being too overpowering. Some faucets are just so big.

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You probably know this, but I'll just toss out that overstock.com has a bunch of Ticor sinks. I wouldn't have thought to look there for kitchen sinks, so figured no harm mentioning it.

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I wonder if you have the option of the brushed rim at overstock like you do at galaxy.....

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