Corner glass upper--lower than other uppers?

cathy725December 14, 2012

I've seen lots of photos where they put a taller cabinet in a corner and then shorter cabinets on each side (usually with a high ceiling and open space above all cabinets). I like this look but don't have high ceilings.

Has anyone seen a taller corner cabinet (I picture a narrow cabinet with a glass door) that is hanging lower in the corner than the cabinets on either side? How would this look? I'm looking for a little interest in the corner besides the glass front. I'm thinking of a 42" corner cabinet with 39" on either side. Tops would all be the same (to the ceiling with the molding) but this would have the corner cabinet 3" lower than the others in the corner.

Thoughts. Would it look good? Terrible? It just came to me while looking at potential plans for my kitchen. Anyone seen this done?

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No, not gonna work logistically. If you want to do an appliance garage, that's one thing, but to have one cabinet drooping below the others, that impacts your work zone.

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try a 36 in high corner cab with just a small amt of molding at top. keep the bottoms at the same level and the cabs adjacent to the corner at 24 to 30 in high with more molding at tops. the staggered dimension will be across tops. Give yourself 21 or 24 in backsplash height for this spot. What part of the kitchen is it? Assuming it isn't the only storage area, tweaking the dimensions for "looks" won't interfere with the storage you would otherwise need. You can do something even with normal 8ft ceilings[assume the soffits are gone].

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OK, thanks. I was tossing around ideas in my tired head last night. I like the 36" option in corner (brain obviously didn't go there last night). Soffits will be gone!

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The staggared height and depth look is fading as a fad. And it's a good thing for those with 8' ceilings to see it go. It only adds expense and complexity, and takes away from storage space. Plus adds difficult areas to dust if your ceilings are only 8'. With 8', it's far better to use 39" cabinets and 3" of molding without any staggar. It's a more simple look suited to the shorter ceiling, and it doesn't leave any awkward place to gather dust.

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I would avoid the corner as a focal point all together. The diagonal cab trend has faded too. Is there another place you can use glass doors to show off your dishes?

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Elraes Miller

I am so tired of the staggered look and those darn corner cabinets. If they are "gone", it makes my very happy. I consider them a total waste of good space. Plus the corner cabinets are always pinching fingers or losing something behind the turn table. Nothing goes there but large appliances now. Regardless of your ceiling height, and mine, cabinets to the top are worth it. Plus I think they actually make the room look bigger. Like the small ones on top with glass and light in them. All a personal preference.

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