Need help with backsplash. Back painted glass questions

tamlifDecember 22, 2012

My ideal backsplash is a calcatta marble herringbone tile all around. But I am a bit of a messy cook and tomato sauces and oils end up splashing on my existing glass tile backsplash.
I love how easy it is to clean the glass and imagine it would be even easier without the grout lines. I was thinking about putting a back painted glass sheet just behind the stove in a pale blue/grey color. And I would do my beloved marble herringbone tile everywhere else (under cabinets, possibly behind the upper portion of the hood)
A few questions here:
1) does this sound like a good design idea? Or is it too much going on?
2) how would I transition from the glass to the tile? Is grout enough?
3) if the glass is tempered is it completely safe to put behind a stove? Are there any risks of cracking from the heat?

If it is not safe bc of the heat my other option was stainless steel instead of the glass. But it bothers me how it gets scratched over time. And I have the same questions 1 and 2 for the stainless.

This forum has been super helpful in helping me decide other design elements like white quartzite counters.

Thanks in advance for the input!

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Glass is VERY contemporary, while herringbone marble is decidedly traditional. The two styles don't exactly mesh. In addition, back painted glass is probably double the price of the marble if not more. If the glass is tempered, it's certainly suitable for behind the range.

But, overall, you need to hone in more on the style of your kitchen and make sure that what you pick hits the right design note in that respect.

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Thanks for the input. I like mixing traditional and contemporary. I thought that's what was interesting about it.
We live in 100 year old house so would like to keep some of the old traditional roots with contemporary edge.

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I am planning a similar thing - sheet of glass behind the range and white subway everywhere else. I had planned a water jet cut marble behind the range as a focal point, but my tile installer said I'd be miserable trying to keep it clean. I, too, like the juxtaposition of the contemp glass and the more traditional subways. I was thinking of the skinny strips of the ceramic tile against the glass as a frame?

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35ftcabo, glad to hear other people like this idea!
I am having such a hard time finding pictures where people have done this. It's always one or the other.
If anyone has pictures of a sheet of glass behind the range with another material next to it I would love to see.
I have seen pictures where people tile all around but do stainless behind the range. Just not on love with the way stainless scratches.
The frame idea sounds interesting. Thanks!

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