Kitchen Remodel - Need Help With Granite Counter Color

shep0December 16, 2013

Hi everybody-We're in the 'home stretch' of our kitchen remodel, and are having a hard time deciding on a color for our granite countertops. We have "Painted Linen" (creamy/off white) wall cabinets, "Tea Leaf" green cabinets for the island, and a hammered copper farmhouse sink. Floors are a faux-slate tile called "Sedona Slate Cedar". Photo is attached.

We initially thought a goldish-copper granite might work. However, after bringing back a few samples from the granite yard, those colors seem too similar to the floor. We're now thinking possibly going darker (a dark brown with a consistent pattern).

Any suggestions/feedback would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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Yellow River

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I picture something medium light, kind of golden too.

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You might consider Tropic (Tropical?) Brown. It's darker brown with crystal type flecks for highlight. It's a fairly consistent pattern, nonporous to the point that it almost can't be sealed. It's also fairly common - don't know if that would be a factor for you? We just got it - love the look. It might work well for you as well - ?

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Is Tropic brown lighter than Antique brown? I really liked the latter, but don't recall seeing Tropic anywhere.

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I don't know - never heard of Antique brown. Tropical Brown looks like, umm, milk chocolate - the overall tone, I mean. It has little flecks of darker brown and black, along with the flecks of crystal..It has no movement to speak of - very consistent pattern. It has no drama, other than simply being there and looking nice! It is readily available, which is partly why it is not a high cost stone (can't remember what cost group it's in)...I think it's called "Tropical Brown", btw - I may have misspoken earlier.

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Thanks for all the suggestions so far--keep them coming! I think we're leaning towards the 'brown' granites (versus golden) right now...but will make another trip to the granite yard to look at options in the next week.

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WalnutCreek Zone 7b/8a

If you are looking for consistency, you might want to do the countertop in a solid color countertop (which would leave out grainite with all of its variations). IMO when you have a patterned floor, you will never be happy with a countertop that also has a pattern.

By the way, I think your floor is gorgeousl.

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Things are looking great!

If you are willing to consider other colors, look for Costa Smerelda. It is a lighter green with movement. It would go great with linen, dark green and copper. Since it is a different color than the floors, you won't get the clashing you get when the pattern size and color are similar. But, it might be a lot of green.

Traditional Kitchen

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We have a patterned floor - I guess it'd be considered patterned, anyway. It's a brown toned tile, a bit similar to the floor in the first picture in this thread. Our cabinets are kind of interesting - rustic hickory, which has a fair amount of contrast with the dark toned knots, the lighter straight grained wood, and all. The tropical brown helps to tie it together...I think I would have been afraid of something solid colored - every crumb would be visible! I'm a good housekeeper, but I'm going to obsess enough as it is, keeping that granite perfectly clean!

Maybe I have no sense of design. I don't know. At least nothing in our new kitchen clashes horribly, does it??? :-P

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