Built-in refrigerator overlay panel spacer

fabnavigatorDecember 6, 2012


I'm installing overlay panels for my built-in GE refrigerator. In addition to the 3/4" thick overlay panel, the instructions say that I need a 1/4" backer panel (I'll use 1/4" plywood), and a 0.1" spacer panel. Does anyone know what to make the 0.1" spacer panel out of?



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I have a Kitchenaid, and their instructions gave another option: Rout a 0.1" deep lip on the back of the 3/4" overlay panel. This is what I did.

Failing that, I would use 1/8" masonite.

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Thank you for the suggestion of routing the lip on the back of the overlay panel. I really like that idea.

You would think the GE could have suggested that. When I called them to ask "what should I use for the 0.1" spacer panel?" they said "duh, I don't know".

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Thanks a lot, General! Sheesh.

Hope it works out well for you.

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