Floorplan departure--is it worth it?

laughablemomentsDecember 12, 2012

Major departure from where I've been. Is this worth the renovation it would take to get there? Note that the windows to the right of the fridge and along the right side of the page are 21.5" off the floor, so I was thinking of doing storage benches all along there, not counters.

Putting this plan in place would require removing 3 windows, tearing out the wall between the posts by the island, and installing a large window over the cleanup sink.

Also, there is an angle brace between the posts by the island. I juuust fit under the lowest edge of it at 5' 4.5". Would this be a major no-no?

(OT, can I just say I really don't like Coyotes? They're sounding off tonight--so creepy! And I don't want them hurting my sheep!)

What do you think?
p.s. Sorry for the grubby drawing. I'll make a pretty one if it's worth drawing up.

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To my eyes, you're getting closer to a rational food pathway design; with related stuff closer together.

Also you're not devoting resources to table service in a cramped room next to your dining room. I'm OK with counter/quick meal places, just not a table when you've got a table, IYKWIM?

How does the food travel to the DR from plating? Past the sink? Is that the only passageway? If so, you're funneling all traffic into an essential work zone which is a major defect. But I though I remembered you had another entrance to thr DR over at the other end of the room. If you keep that then you can train people who are not in on the cooking action to stay out of the clean-up to DR passageway.

The entrance with the boot bench means that that might be major entrance, again a defect if you need to keep the clean-up zone clear.

You can mange traffic by fiat ("back of the White Line!) or you can mange it my strategicly locating stuff. Do both.

Don't change your windows without considering the placement on the wall as seen from outside. A window sink combo is not cast in stone.

I am listening to my coyotes, here too. I love listening to the three packs call from one side of the farm to the woodlot on the other. The young ones are just laughing and yipping away tonight. A distant police siren set them off just now. No sheep here, though. Do you bring your sheep into a fold for the night?


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Here's a cleaned up image:

Thanks for taking a look at this Liri. We dish up food at the table for our family meals. If we have visitors, than we do buffet style at the island. So the food would travel through the right hand opening to the dining room, while the table setters would use the left hand opening.

The windows up for change are: 1 increasing the size of one on the back of the house, south facing, as well as removing 2 west-facing windows.

We tether our sheep, 2 ram lambs. They are right up close to the house now, with the back lights on the lawn. Hoping this is enough to keep the coyotes after the deer population rather than our sheep.

The first time I heard coyotes, we lived near a lake where a lot of people vacationed in the summer. If the air was just right, we'd sometimes hear bands and such. So I thought I was hearing a bunch of partying carousers, but it was actually the coyotes! (Maybe there wasn't much difference?)

I took a picture of my 5' 2" daughter under our current "angle brace" that we had put in for symmetry to match the one to the right of it. If the one that's buried in the wall right now is the same way, it will be ok when exposed, yes?

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