Another soapstone thread. Smoke from Italy.

Brandon_BDecember 17, 2012

We just put a deposit on a slab of what the stone dealer said was a soapstone called Smoke. It's really cool looking, and I was real excited until on the way out he mentioned that it just came in from italy. I did a double take and asked if it had the same easy maintinace of the stuff from brazil, and he said yes, just oil it.

What are your thoughts gardenweb?

Here's a link to a similar slab:

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Italian cars, Italian couture, and Italian lovers are high maintenance, but I don't think there is any reason to believe that Italian stone is inherently hard to maintain.

Looks beautiful! Do you know how hard the stone is (say, on the mohs scale)? Do you have a sample of it that you can abuse?

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Gosh that's gorgeous. Are you sure you want to oil it? It's so pretty as is...

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I don't know how hard it is on the mohs scale, but I couldn't scratch it with my finger nail like I could with the barroca. I couldn't get a sample since they just got it in and didn't have any scraps. I'll be sure to get one now that it's my slab.

I really love the look un-oiled too, but in a way that's what makes me wonder if it's been pre treated with some kind of sealer. I just don't want to get sandstone prettied up to look like soapstone.

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It looks just like my Belvedere. We keep it unoiled.

My Belvedere is rock solid, no scratching or chipping or dings or dents, even after a can of soup fell from the upper cabinet. You cannot scratch it with a finger nail either.

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That is a lovely soapstone.
I have only used the wax/oil provided by my dealer once in 6 months. It doesn't look like I'll need to use it again(which is good since I can't find the application sponge he gave me--how could I lose that in such a small space ?)

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We have smoke soapstone; it was from Brazil. We don't oil it, or haven't yet-we like it unoiled. Ours is on the softer side, but we love it. We've had it for ~2 1/2 years:


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Thanks for the reassurances! That smoke of yours leela looks just like what my guy was calling barroca. As long as I can test a spot with some lemons and be sure that it doesn't etch I don't care what it's called.

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