Stainless Cabinet Pulls, Schaub, Giagni

wobbly1905December 5, 2012

We looked at Schaub stainless steel bow cabinet pulls today, and like them. The largest pull has a list price of $20.
Online we found Giagni pulls that appear to come in the same sizes. They cost about 1/2 of the Schaub. Anyone compared the two brands?

Despite the Teutonic and Italian brand names, both lines could well be Chinese.

Here is a link that might be useful: Giagni Stainless Bow Pull

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Schaub makes most, if not all, of their knobs in the USA. I don't know about Giagni.
Funny thing about the cabinet hardware decision, it comes toward the end of the process. We are not only tired of making decisions, we also have budget fatigue and some budget guilt, perhaps.
I had the same question about pulls I considered. I ordered a sample of each on line in order to hold both in my hands.

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I agree, localeater.
I'm not even 1/2 way done, but I've lived with "in progress" for so long that the places I am done, and need pulls?

I've decided I'm really into the Blue Tape look.

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CEFreeman, did you ever find your dream pulls? I think I am remembering correctly that it was you who was in love with the delicate tapered sash pull. Is that right?

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Schaub is now owned by Assa Abloy, a global conglomerate that owns many brands which were once USA companies. I found a link showing that some of Schaub's hardware is from Hong Kong.

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