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JamieDecember 6, 2012

I'll have a 36" SS hood (no cabinetry enclosure) over a 30" range. The wall cabs on either side of the hood do not touch the hood -- there is 3 inches of breathing space on each side of the hood.

I want to put a shelf above the range. It will be actively used and not for decorative items only. I'm concerned about things falling off the sides. I will be throwing things up there, not placing them carefully, as I thrash around in the kitchen.

It seems that a 42" wide shelf mounted at the level of the bottom of the wall cabs would look out of place and just too wide - wouldn't it? But that placement would allow the wall cabs to function as sides for the shelf and keep things from falling off the end.

I can't find a SS shelf with sides.

The only thing with sides I see is a microwave shelf, and those are very deep.

Would a 42" shelf look as bad as I imagine? Do you know of other ways to put sides on such a shelf?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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A custom metal fabricator in your city can produce anything you want. I don't know what "things" you will be putting up there in the danger zone above the burners, as you really can't have a very deep shelf above a range, but all you really need is a small rail or lip.

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Yes, I think a 42 inch wide shelf would look out of place in the spot you described.
Have you seen Pottery Barn's Utility Shelf with hooks. It has a small lip around all sides, and its dimensions are 36" wide x 4.5" deep x 4" high. Another option might be the Ikea rail system which has shelf-like baskets you can use. A plus about the rail basket system is that you can take the basket down and over to the sink for cleaning if it gets greasy.

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I did check the ikea system, and I like it, but I didn't want the exposed brackets and screws look. I'll check out the pottery barn one.

It just occured to me that I could kludge a built-up edge of silicone on a ready-made floating shelf, or glue a bottle of decorative vinegar or something to each side, but I hate to plan for kludge, and the glued bottles would take up valuable space.

I no longer live in a major metropolitan area, and finding a local custom fabricator is beyond challenging. I'm having the SS countertops done by an internet vendor and it was hugely difficult to find someone who was willing to template and install under such an arrangement.

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No need for a metropolitan area to find a ss fabricator. Go to (or call) an appliance showroom near you. Chances are that they have "a guy" that they can recommend. Both places I bought appliances from had people that they used. In fact the guy who did our custom fabrication was an Amish man and charged way too little for what he was making.

I think a 42" shelf would be too wide. I would not go wider than the hood.

Does the range you are getting have the option of a high backsplash with a shelf? That's what we did. The fabricator just made us the piece to go between it and the hood and also the hood's duct cover.

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I'm getting a Bluestar. Their high shelf has no sides.

I'll try calling the appliance store. It's not really what I'd call a showroom, but I did discover that the owner lives on my street, so maybe he'll have something to offer.

I wasn't even going to give the store a chance to sell me a Bluestar because I "ass"umed they'd be higher than ABT. I guess I can try. A bit worn out, me, but not completely without gumption yet. Although the next time someone in this town treats me like a big city person to be overcharged I may blow.

They see a stranger coming and add 50%, no questions asked.

Well, to be honest, they did not do that at the nail salon. Everybody is a stranger at the nail salon. Did you ever see that Seinfeld where Elaine wants to find out what the salonistas are actually saying?

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