Not only is it on an island,

palimpsestDecember 27, 2013

Not only is this range on a shallow island. It's right inside the front door. The front door opens to the bottom of the staircase. I am more liberal than some about ranges on islands, but this is not a good spot. Those windows and door shown are to the back yard, I've been in a house on this block.

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Is that the original kitchen location, or was it moved? Looks like an old house.

Here is a 1950s home I visited: the silver door at the back is the garage door, and the photographer is standing in the doorway to the casual dining spot, family room, and passage to LR and the rest of the house. This is a major throughway!

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Old. Pre-Civil war, and the original kitchen was probably in the basement. This neighborhood was redeveloped with kitchens put inside the front door, but originally with a narrow hallway past the kitchen toward the back of the house. That way the LR has access to a small yard and can use the entire width of the house.

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This is weird. Also, those two stools facing the wall right next to a dining table. However, at least nobody has to ask what's for dinner when s/he comes home.

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