what wall sconce goes with this chrome fan? Barn door?

huangoDecember 3, 2012

1. Getting pretty tired at this stage of the game (so close but yet...), so can you please help suggest what sconces will go with this chrome fan?

2. Should I start another thread about barn door?

The fan is in the familyroom, next to the kitchen.

There's nothing really anything specific to design around except for the fan.
I've looked and looked and haven't really found any white glass/chrome sconce that speaks to me.

Hunter Fanaway

Here are what else is in the room.

Wall color = cross between BM gray timber wolf and Sweatshirt Gray

sofa = espresso black leather

tile floor = HF Eternity black

Built a hutch around the 2 front windows, except in light white (instead of cream):

Hutch handles, will probably use crystal knobs on upper cabs:

Thinking of white curtains for the French door, and nice white shag rug.

So due to space limitation, I'm installing a "barn door" between the familyroom and kitchen (more like a sliding door).
The familyroom is the kids' area, and the main exit to backyard. So I'd like to be able to see their comings/goings.
So do I go w/ door A or B?

A: clear door (matches the French door to the backyard:

B: or one w/ more character: like

We're finishing up week#12 and still not done. Oy!
So difficult living out of the packed livingroom.
Kitchen Countertops were templated on 11/30Friday.
Still have a long list of to-dos!

appreciate your help,
Thank you very much,

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I really like the wood barn door, but that's my style. You seem to have a more modern edge in your sofa, so you could go either way I think.

I like Tuckahoe by Hudson Valley lighting, but it has upward light. Do you need the sconces for task lighting?

How about kichler lighting 6963 structures wall sconce

Here is a link that might be useful: Tuckahoe

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No, I need the sconces for general lighting. So up or down or both lighting works.

The FR currently has cathedral ceiling.
But we may add the 2nd floor masterbedroom on top, so I didn't do any recessed lights, etc.

I have the fan for additional general lighting.
The hutch has undercabinet lighting, and lighting w/in the 3 glass upper cabinets, AND maybe upward light from the hutch top molding.

1 sconce on the left for some light near the sofa.
1 sconce on right for the mudroom area.
We can also add more lighting on TOP of the mudroom lockers (like library shelf lighting), if needed.

Dilly: oooh, those look nice.
Especially the Tuckahoe with the historical nickel bowl (instead of the glass bowl).

As for the barn door, that's the problem. I can go either way and there is no definitive direction.
1 con of glass = finger prints w/ messy kids (and DH).
1 con of barn = I can't peak at my future teenagers trying to make out or watch Rated R tv.

The door will be open ~75+% of the time.
I'll close them if the kids/their friends are too noisy when the adults are enjoying their wine in the other room, etc.

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